Zumbi dos Palmares : King of Free Men. Do you know where the word

Explore the history of  Zumbi dos Palmares A Brazilian warrior and Quilombo leader.

King Zumbi dos Palmares is the last leader of the quilombo of Palmares. His legend becomes a myth in Brazil.

Zumbi-Domingos-Jorge for the final submission of the Quilombo turned to notorious Paulista Domingos Jorge Velho, who had become famous repeatedly in the massacre of the people liable for Portuguese domination, particularly Indians. Zumbi dos Palmares

Zumbi dos Palmares  – He was a violent and cruel man, who was hated by most of the Lords of the Ground who resigned themselves to call him.

The troop of mercenaries who accompanied him was just like the leader and did not hesitate to rob the inhabitants as soon as they had the opportunity there. As for the leader, he did not hesitate to murder two hundred Indians who refused to accompany him in his campaign against Palmares. He simply beheaded them.

The first great expedition left in December 1692. The slaughterer on Indians was convinced to win rapidly against the black king’s men.

Despite the additional support of a troop of inhabitants coming from Alagoas, these troops could not even overcome the surrounding wall of the Macao’s Macumba (the headquarters of the black King: a real
fortress. zunmbi

Zumbi dos Palmares  – He tried his luck again, in January 1694. Many men in support arrived in Porto Calvo, dragging behind them artillery pieces and many ammunition.

It was from now, that about 3000 men well armed got ready to assail the fortifications of 5000 meters of the highness of Macao’s Macumba.
Zumbi-guerilla battle lasted 22 days, until February 6th, 1694, 22 days in the course of which the aggressors knew perfectly how to master their numeric superiority and the huge number of weapons they belonged.

At the beginning of February, Domingos Jorge Velho had the idea of building a slanting fence that could allow his troops to move forwards up to the fortifications of Macao.

Zumbi dos Palmares -night feeling surrounded, Black King had no other choice than to attempt a strategic retreat during the night. The aggressors, expecting this operation, attacked at a convenient moment. This strategic retreat ended in a terrible stampede.

After more than 65 years of fight for freedom, the Quilombo dos Palmares ceased.

Zumbi dos Palmares -output the King managed to run away during the attack. During the months which followed, with a small number of men still devoted to him, he led numerous operations of Guerilla against the Lords of the Ground. In November 1695, one of his assistants was captured. Violently tortured, he revealed the place where the king and his men were secluded.

quilombo-unchained November, 20th 1695, Domingos Jorge Velho got by surprise into the refuge of Zumbi and his men who set an ultimate resistance. They were all killed in hardly a few hours.

The black King fought till the end for a struggle that he knew irreconcilable with the colonial order was beheaded. His head was driven in at the end of a pike, on the main square of Recife.


Zumbi dos Palmares Today in Brazil, on November 20 “Black consciousness day” is celebrated everywhere.

Zumbi-20-novHistory abuses us

Ti says everything and its contrary

So far as to say that abolition

Was declared during May

The proof of that lie

Is that misery is still there

Long-life to November, 20th

The time to remember

Nothing in common with May, 13th

Nothing to commemorate

Time passed by


And the Black is still fighting

Zumbi is our hero

Zumbi is our hero, old companion

Of Palmares, he was the King

For the cause of the Black man

It was him who fought the more

The weight of every fight, old companion

The Black is still not free, comrade.”

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