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Visit Morgantown, West Virginia- City Of -USA – To be fair, the state of West Virginia does not exactly call to mind the height of party travel thrills, however, most of us have never been to the city of Morgantown. Where there is a major college, there is always major fun to be had, and Morgantown, home of West Virginia University, is no exception. WVU frequently makes yearly lists for top party schools in the nation, and this should tell you something about the party culture of Morgantown.

Visit Morgantown, West Virginia

Visit Morgantown Lodging.

Morgantown Dining

Visit Morgantown, West Virginia- City Of -USA In 2021

If you are looking to stay in the middle of all the action in Morgantown, you will likely want to seek out a hotel in the vicinity of Downtown and the University. A couple of great mid-to-high priced lodging choices in this area include the historic Clarion Hotel Morgan, and the Waterfront Place Hotel, located in the Wharf District, about a half-mile from High Street Downtown (the height of all nightlife in Morgantown).

The Euro-Suites Hotel is another great option located only three blocks from WVU Stadium and within 3-4 miles of the Downtown nightlife sector. If price is your main concern and you are looking for lodging on the cheap, you might look at the Morgantown Motel, the Hotel Morgantown and Conference Center, and the Heldreth Motel. The Lake Manor Bed-and-Breakfast is a great choice if you are looking for a relaxing B&B-style stay in Morgantown.

Visit Morgantown Dining.

Morgantown best place

Visit Morgantown, West Virginia- City Of -the USA

Any time you have the number of people who can’t cook for themselves all living in one place that you have in any college town, you are bound to have a pretty good restaurant selection due to pure supply and demand, and Morgantown definitely fits the bill.

No place better epitomizes Morgantown restaurant culture than longtime staple Maxwell’s, known for its fresh, healthy cuisine (they are particularly famous for serving a great brunch). For Italian food, check out Stefano’s or Puglioni’s, or hit up the Boston Beanery for an authentic old Boston style bar and pub experience. For cheap beer and cheap hot dogs (like, really cheap), you can’t beat Gene’s Beer Garden, and for pizza, it’s Pizza Al’s all the way.

Another Morgantown staple you really shouldn’t visit the city without trying is Black Bear Burritos, a vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurant featuring exclusively regional ingredients, serving a variety of ethnic cuisine all in the context of the “burrito” format. Black Bear also features a wide assortment of eclectic live music, a great craft beer selection, and is a kid-friendly, although also party-friendly establishment.

Visit Morgantown Nightlife.

Nightlife In Morgantown,

If you’re looking for great beer in Morgantown, we recommend you check out the city’s own Morgantown Brewing Company, or hit up Jay’s Getaway or Gibby’s Pub and Eatery for their excellent beer selections. If you are past college age and want to hang out in a slightly more refined environment, the Rat Pack Lounge is a great choice, whereas Bent Willey’s is a great spot for young people looking to party it up with the college crowd.

For live music, you will not find a more definitive Morgantown venue than 123 Pleasant Street, while Vice Versa is the city’s premier gay nightclub. College towns tend to love their sports, and Kegler’s is pretty much the definitive sports bar in the city if you want to catch a game and grab a few drinks (they are also well-known by locals for their wings) while visiting Morgantown.

Conclusion of  Visit Morgantown

Although West Virginia is not one of the more celebrated states, we at Party Travel Hotspots like to root for the underdog, and Morgantown is a great little city to explore. If you get the opportunity, we would definitely recommend you check it out for a weekend, experience Morgantown’s WVU-fueled culture, and see what West Virginia fun is all about.

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