Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Delhi

Best Places to Visit in Delhi 2021 – Pune is regarded as the cultural and intellectual hub of India. It is a vibrant city that exhibits artistic grandeur, dazzling culture, and rich history. If your hometown is Pune, then you might definitely have been to all the tourist attractions of it. As a change and escape from the routine hustle-bustle of Pune, you should be planning for a weekend trip to the country’s capital New Delhi. It is bound to be a good travel experience for you. To start your trip at any time of the year, just check the online tickets for Pune to Delhi flights and pack your bags for the trip you can never forget.

You can find a lot of places here in Delhi to spend your weekends. Delhi is home to some of the best street food centres of India apart from other tourist destinations. Here are some of the important and must-visit places of Delhi.

Red Fort Best Places to Visit in Delhi : red fort

The fort in red depicts the pride and architectural strength of the Mughals. The fort and its surroundings are always maintained clean as it is the very place of hoisting the tricolour flag by the prime minister on the independence day of every year. So it is a status symbol that signifies the rich heritage and patriotism of India.

Qutub Minar Best Places to Visit in Delhi : qutab minar

One cannot resist appreciating the spectacular standing pillar which is about 200 ft tall that is the Qutub Minar. It stands as a setting example that represents the immense art and building skills of the Mughals. It was built for a period of 75 years and was used to serve the purpose of calling for a prayer from such height which was an easy informing technique that was then adopted by the Mughals.

Temples Best Places to Visit in Delhi :


Delhi also stands as a place for holding many noteworthy ones like the Akshardham temple, Iskcon Temple and the Lotus temple.The Lotus temple offers a peaceful serene ambience away from the busy and noisy streets of Delhi. It is merely a meditation hall without any particular symbol of the deity inside it. One can take a stroll in the surrounding gardens admiring the construction skills of the Lotus temple with exactly resemble a Lotus flower and splendid architecture.

Food and cuisine Best Places to Visit in Delhi :

food casino

Delhi not only being a centre of heritage, architecture, history and power it is also known for its cuisine and delicious food. The restaurants in Delhi offer the finest dinner cuisine covering almost all the varieties in the world with a slight dominance of North Indian food. On the other hand, there is the mouth-watering and vibrant option of choosing spicy street food. One can definitely enjoy the food in Delhi which is perhaps different and trendy from our daily food.

Then comes the Taj Mahal in Agra, around 4 hours’ drive from Delhi, which needs no description of its beauty and art. Besides being a symbol of love, Taj is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

A lot more things are lined up on the other side

So, isn’t it interesting and refreshing? Make a quick decision without wasting any time anymore by searching others for options. Are you checking the Pune to Delhi flights schedule?

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