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Introduction- Dubai is a state of United Arab emirates. The total area of Dubai is 4114 km scare. The total population of Dubai is 3331 Million in 2019.for more details we can read as under.

Dubai- the city which proudly owns the miracle of man-made architecture-The Burj Khalifa, has stepped up by transforming into a megacity of the 21st century from merely being a simple trading port of the Middle East. Just like any other Middle East nation, its initial growth was fuelled by the oil reserves. However, during the current times, a major part of the economy is fuelled by Dubai tourism. That is why while mulling upon the new destination to visit, I had decided to visit Dubai.

Dubai-Burj khalifa

It was dawn when my flight had arrived in Dubai. It was a long 7 hours flight from London to Dubai and I was tired as hell. Thanks to my travel agent I had already reserved a hotel in Dubai and they had sent a chauffeur to pick me up.

As a matter of fact, Dubai hotels are known for their hospitality. The chauffeur drove me amongst lanes and skyscrapers as I realized the real charm of Dubai and the beauty of its architecture. Since I was tired I decided to catch a nap after reaching the hotel.

Travel to Dubai

Around 9 AM I woke up by the phone call from Alisha who was my colleague in London and now works for Our Dubai branch office. As she says Jobs in Dubai are pretty lucrative, She had promised to be my guide during my sojourn.
I had asked her that I wished to see The Burj Khalifa first. After I had visited Agra in India and saw the Taj Mahal, I had developed a great taste of the magnificence of man-made architecture.

Burj Khalifa is an 828 m tower and is commonly recognized as the tallest building of the world. I must admit here that the first view of Burj Khalifa was mesmerizing.

We went to the 148th floor which houses the world’s highest observation deck and had multimedia telescopes. The view of the entire Dubai left me speechless.

Dubai-Burj khalifa. city view

After spending the entire day around Burj Khalifa we headed towards Dubai Mall for some shopping. Dubai is one great destination for shopping and people around the globe visit here for the same.

mall of the emirates 1mall of the emirates 2

Alisha told me that Dubai Mall is the world’s biggest mall with around 1200 outlets. After having lunch at the mall itself, we went on to see Dubai Dolphinarium for some Dolphin shows.

dubai dolphinarium-flip_dolphins

Once getting done from there, we decided to spend the rest of the day at Jumeriah Beach and watch the sun going down.

visit Dubai


The next day we left early for the Dubai desert safari. We managed to get a discount of 20 Dirhams for the off-roading encounter. I decided to go for a camel ride while Alisha being a sporty one picked up sand skiing, you can read up some more on this amazing activity here- Hello Dubai: Skiing, Sand and Shopping in the World’s Weirdest City.
We clicked some photographs and returned to the city. During the same evening, I enjoyed one of the best evenings of my life on the cruise at Dubai creek.

During the next few days, I admired the excellence various beauties of the city such as Burj Al Arab,

Burj al arab 1burj-al-arab-2

Marina 101, Palm Islands, Palm Jumeirah, etc, one of the most memorable experiences of this trip was my visit to the Gold Souk, very famous and is sometimes spelled souq, it is in Deira, the older part of Dubai and what a place, the price of the gold jewelry was desirably cheap, the designs were just awesome, just like this one

Two things to note, please avoid the street traders with the super offers, they are fakes, and the fun one, always haggle on the price, you will be surprised at what price you can achieve.

A number of people I met after my visit to Dubai tell me that Burj Khalifa is the most impressive thing about Dubai. For me, the most impressive thing was the diversity of culture in Dubai and the contrast between man-made and natural beauty. Many clichés but true, “The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see” thanks


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