Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure theme

The Best Universal Studios Orlando – Humans are creatures who really love to play. Any game will be loved by young and old age. It is wrong if someone said that playground only for kids. Universal Studios Orlando, not designed by children. This fantasy park made by geniuses.

Best Universal Studios Orlando

Universal Studios Orlando

Florida is a state that gets a lot of sunshine in the US which has 4 seasons. That is absolutely right to build a fantasy park like Universal Studios Orlando here.

The shore winds and the subtropical atmosphere makes Universal Studios Orlando become a favorite place for travelers. Not only for domestic tourists but for travelers from around the world. Visiting Universal Studios Orlando become everyone’s dream.

Universal Studios Orlando which opened for the public on June 7, 1990, was already visited by more than 5,9 million people only in a decade (according to 2010 data). That’s number could be fantastic, considering the price that’s not cheap. Moreover for the ‘without queueing’ ticket price.

Universal Studio not the only fantastic destination in Orlando. There is, Universal CityWalk, Sea World Orlando, Islands of Adventure, and a water park named Wet’n Wild. The American is number one in realizing people’s dreams and fantasies.

Universal Studios Hotels

Universal Studios Hotels

Universal Studios Hotels that standing near Universal Studio’s ready to accommodate travelers who want to visit this park. This park is a million-dollar budget industry and one of the Florida icons.

Several things benefit every guest who stays at Universal Studios. For example, there is free transport to enter Universal Studios, a free breakfast like the facilities at other luxury hotels, 24- hour coffee and tea service which is one of the most preferred by the guests, and the newspaper and magazines service provided for free. Guest also get free calls to make phone calls for the local area.

The Simpsons Ride Universal Studios Orlando


Inside Universal Studio

With expensive ticket prices and tiring walking around the park, what makes people want to visit Universal Studios Orlando?

Neither Universal Studios in Hollywood and Universal Studios in Florida, both featuring exciting journeys into the world of film with all the trimmings. For example, to see the Titanic. Could feel the tension when sharks will prey on humans as found in the Jaws movie.

Who does not want to see what kind of a movie set and the mask used in the film? No half-hearted, Steven Spielberg took part in the making of the Universal Studio. In addition to the people who are behind the scenes making of other famous films. Usually, films that shown is a full-tension movie, such as Terminator, ET, and so on.

Unlike Universal Studios in Hollywood which only shows part of a movie sensation, Universal Studios Orlando in Florida gives a better sensation. Visitors also like entering the story as the movie. For the filmmakers, the atmosphere that Universal Studios provide can be a very useful reference.



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