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Unique Attractions In Hawaii You Absolutely Must Visit

Unique Attractions In Hawaii – Hawaii became famous thanks to Hawaii 5-0, the famously turned telemetry with Honolulu, capital of this 50e American State. But the island which gave its name to the archipelago is much known and much less attended than his/her seven sisters. However, it hiding place treasures. Outline of a destination to seizing contrasts!

The Hawaii, largest and southernmost of the islands of the archipelago of the same name, was formed starting from volcanic lava. It would thus be believed very arid; however, it conceals meadows spread out as far as the eye can see where the feed of immense herds. And although it is located in the tropical zone, snow there is found!

Unique Attractions In Hawaii

Higher than the Everest

Unique Attractions In Hawaii – It is also on the island of Hawaii, the “large island” as it is called, that is the most top of the world: the volcano Mauna Kea. Formed on the ocean floor, it is 10 203 m in height – the Everest culminates to 8850 m.

At the top of Mauna Kea, to 4205 m of altitude (compared to the sea level), one embraces an infinite horizon, concerning practical stars. As Hawaii is the world capital of astronomy, the ridge of the mountain does not accommodate less than 13 telescopes, of which most imposing 10 m diameter measure. But there is no need to be an astronomer to admire the lunar landscape of this deadened volcano that one reaches in the commercial vehicle sport.

Attention to the pernicious effects of the rise. Despite an obligatory stop in the center of interpretation, located at 3000 m, several visitors support altitude badly: headaches, nauseous, losses of balance. Fortunately, the majority are free for breathlessness and dizzy spells (at the top, there is only 60 % of oxygen, compared to the rate which exists on the sea level).

See the sun lying down on the brownish cones and the craters hold of the unreal one! And what to say club of local Alpine skiing?

Earth in an island

Unique Attractions In Hawaii – The scientists listed 13 climatic zones on our planet. With it only, the island of Hawaii includes/understands 11 of them. It misses there only the climates the Arctic and Saharan.

To the west, one passes from the arid fields of lava to desiccated vegetation strewn with cactus. Then, as one goes up, the temperature is refreshed, and the gilded meadows turn to the intense green. It is the kingdom of the pastures, where the horses and the cattle feed. Close to Waimea, to approximately 1000 m of altitude, the herd of the Parker Ranch, the most important ranch with a single owner of all United States, counts more than 30 000 animals.

Unique Attractions In Hawaii You Absolutely Must Visitsky island

In the east, tropical vegetation covers the escarpé littoral. One can observe spectacular valleys, carved by the erosion, of which Waipio, a pit of 600 m. Abrupt descent (25 %) led to a small river throwing itself in the sea. Upstream, with a few kilometers, the falls of Hi’ lawe reach 340 m height (they are 6 times higher than the falls of the Niagara).

Unique Attractions In Hawaii – By traveling towards the south, one reaches Hilo, the capital of the island and kingdom of the rain. Because of the presence of Mauna Kea and the orientation of the dominant winds, this town of 40 000 inhabitants is the wettest in the United States; annual precipitations reach on average 3300 mm.

Hilo was struck by several tsunamis, a tidal wave that can reach tens of meters in height and moving to hundreds of kilometers per hour. The last one took place in 1960.

Around 3000 m, the vegetation yields the place to black fields of lava. Higher, the side of the volcanos becomes russet-red, a color that points out the surface of the planet Mars.

A perpetual eruption

Unique Attractions In Hawaii – Here, one does not flee the active volcanos, one precipitates there to enjoy the spectacle! It is that the volcanos of the island of Hawaii are not in explosive matter. The lava runs out about it rather in a continuous flood, sometimes intense, sometimes light.

In Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, created in 1916, one of the volcanos, Kilauea, is in continual activity since 1983. The lava which escapes from it runs out to the sea. One can see with kilometers with the round the vapor column which is formed when the lava comes into contact with surface water.

While walking in the marked out paths which carry out to less than 300 m of the incandescent flood, one feels the heat that emanates from the fractures of the earth’s crust under which this lava in fusion circulates. A visit of night makes it possible to see the red reflections of the magma. Magic experiment!

It is on the West coast of the island, where several black sand beaches are to the jade reflections, which the tourist activity concentrates: luxurious hotels – surrounded of golf courses -, built charming lodgings with mountainside… and unspoilable view on the sun couchers of the Pacific!

Beautiful Unique Attractions In Hawaii You Absolutely Must Visit

Like a Japanese garden

We who are fans of diving, after one equipped of more than 2500 km in 10 days (the large island bears his name well!), we leave two weeks on board Kona Aggressor II, along motorized catamaran of 25 Mr. Objectif: discovered of a very particular marine environment.

GUI Garcia, of Portuguese origin, counts more than 20 years of experiment in this water. Captain with calms reassuring, she also devotes himself to photography. It is thus with the sensitivity of the artist that it describes sea-beds surrounding the island:

“Hawaii does not have anything the Southern Pacific Islands One does not seek here the multitude of colors which the Fiji islands or New Guinea-News-Guinea offer. It is necessary rather approach the diving in this water as if a Japanese garden were visited. At first glance, there is an impression of a vacuum. Then, while looking at there more closely, all appear to us well organized, and the colors appear.”

To appreciate the diving in Hawaii

it is necessary to spend time and to sharpen the direction of the observation with it. Because if fauna is abundant there, the environment, primarily composed of lava, does not cause the spontaneous magic of the divings in the Southern Pacific or the Caribbean Sea.

Once the initial shock passed, a phase of amazement starts: Hawaii being the archipelago more isolated from the planet, about a third of the 400 marine species which live there are single and are not anywhere elsewhere!

Escorted by a bench of dolphins, the catamaran leaves Kailua-Kona and moves towards the south. The course of some 90 marine miles lasts one week, and the 14 passengers make diving up to 6 hours per day. Globicéphales, lines, tortoises, octopuses, marines, ptérois, butterflies…, the list of the species lengthens ad infinitum, just like the variety of the dresses which they raise.

Following the example of traditional temples that one still finds on the island, the cathedrals of lava, decorated with coral, inspire respect.

It is in the sea that one observes with the most acuity the great paradox of Hawaii: over a background of a dark and arid magma, the life triumphs with splendor.

Unique Attractions In Hawaii You Absolutely Must Visit


According to the legend

Unique Attractions In Hawaii – It is Pélé, goddess of fire and the volcanos, who gave rise to the islands of the archipelago hawaïen. Driven out of Tahiti by her sister Na-Maka-O-Kaha’ I, goddess of water, it had taken refuge in a crater in the north of the archipelago, that his/her sister had flooded at once.

Pélé had then had to be another refuge. However, his/her sister, who always pursued it, destroyed each time her efforts. Continuing its search, Pélé thus successively created the eight islands of the archipelago, finishing by that of Hawaii. This goddess thus represents at the same time creation and destruction, birth, and death.

Island of Hawaii: reference mark

Geographical situation: 4382 km in the south-west of Vancouver
Dimensions: 149 km out of 122 km
Population: 146 000 inhabitants
Climate: subtropical; tourist season: from December to April, low season: from May to November
Temperature: max. 28 °C, min. 20 °C

Not to miss!

Unique Attractions In Hawaii -The top of Mauna Kea and its center of interpretation: to envisage hot clothing — the temperature seldom exceeds 15 °C — and the hiring of a commercial vehicle sport (SEEN).
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: to reserve a night with the hotel located in the park, to go to observe the incandescent lava flows; the visit lasts one day.
The valley of Waipio:

a spectacular site, accessible in SEEN and at your risk! A picnic on the black sand beach or an excursion with the foot of the falls Hi’ law is worth displacement.
Petroglyphs: one can observe these drawings carved in the stone at various places of the island, in particular in Waikoloa Petroglyph Preserve.
Akaka Falls falls reaching 135 m in height.
Kohala Mountain Road: a panoramic road leading to the northern part of the island, more than 1000 m of altitude.

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