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London– Traveling for me has always been an escape to find my inner soul. As stated by a number of philosophers, if you want to meet your true self, you must pack your bags and travel to an unseen place. Perhaps this is why when I was having bad times at work, I decided to go and

London is a city which has something for everyone. From big posh hotels to cheap rooms to stay and from gourmet pizzas to cheese and ham sandwiches. Hence if in case you are a budget traveler to London, you should notvisit to london

Before landing at Heathrow airport, I had researched well on the internet about the place I want to stay at and the attractions I was willing to see. Therefore it was no struggle of finding a place to stay l in a new city. The room I had rented was very near to Coca-Cola London Eye, which was first on my “Must See” list but right up there with the London Eye was the is one of the “must-visits” if you are keen on watching the skyline and willing to see the beauty of the city from a height.

A London Eye capsule can carry up to 25 people and you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the amazing London skyline and other famous places of London. The ticket is aptly priced at 20 GBP.

Being done at London eye I headed towards the Madame Tussauds. Madame Tussauds is yet another one of its kind experience where the wax statues of Who’s Who from around the globe are exhibited. They have been designed in such a way that sometimes you often confuse a statue for the original person. People come and get clicked with the statues they like. Before I left the place, I also clicked myself with the statue of Lady Gaga.

Then my next quick stop was the Saatchi Art Gallery, on the King’s Road, famous for contemporary art, presenting work by largely unseen young artists or by established international artists

Isaac hi

I had decided to Travel T spend considerable time at London Bridge and the river Thames. I had seen this bridge in a number of movies and it was a great feeling to see the bridge in reality. The bridge is one great architecture and you surely do not want to miss it. The view is even great during the nighttime when the city and the bridge is glittering with lights.

After having a Subway sandwich for lunch, I headed towards Tower Bridge and the and. The Tower of London is more known as the place for torturing the prisoners; however, it takes you through a journey back in history-making you aware of the past of London City as a whole keeping you surprised at thelondon history

tower bridge

Being done for the day, I returned to my room and relaxed for the entire day.

The next day after having poached eggs and toasts for the breakfast I book a cab to British Museum. It would be wise to mention here that London is also the home of some of the prominent museums with the British Museum being the most famous one. British Museum was established somewhere around 1753 and houses the past two million years of human history.

The Next Day I Also Visited The Royal Air Force Museum. The Lady said to me, their purpose is to tell the story of the Royal Air Force through its people and collections.

And For visitors to the museum, we make our collections and the RAF story relevant and stimulating, it certainly was.


For current and former RAF personnel and their families, it is great too, as they preserve, honor, and share the stories of their service


And, for our nation, we help people to understand the impact of the RAF in the world
Our ambition is to ensure that the Royal Air Force’s story endures and enriches futureLONDON


For the remaining day, I explored other galleries and museums such as National History Museum, National Gallery, Tate Modern, Science Museum, Kew Gardens, etc.

Kew Gardens 1

Before I left the city of London, I made sure that I carry some gifts for my friends from Carnaby
Street apart from carrying some nice memories of the city captured in my camera.


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