Travel To Liliw Laguna (Quick Trip to the Tsinelas Capital)

Travel To Liliw Laguna – The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Liliw, Laguna are the shoes, sandals, and slippers locally made yet stylish enough and quite durable I would say. Liliw is the fourth class municipality of Laguna, the south side of the Philippines known mostly for its hot spring waters and the famous Laguna de Bay. But Liliw in itself is known for its cold water springs, being one of the highland towns in the province.

The town has earned its reputation as “Tsinelas Capital of the South” because of its progressive shoe industry, but there is definitely a wider selection of footwear other than tsinelas” or slippers. Tourists, mostly still Filipinos, drive about three hours all the way from Manila to find a pair or twoTravel To Liliw Laguna -

The stores are located in just one hilly street, a few meters from the church and surrounding the town hall. Most stores started their production in their own backyards so owners are hands-on and focused on the quality of their products.

I bought a few pieces for myself and a few more for those who may be interested to purchase it at a fair price.

Liliw Sandals

Selling at S$10 plus shipment cost

The soles are made of one whole hard rubber.

  • Liliw Sandals
    Selling at S$11 plus shipment cost

These are made of locally sourced materials such as abaca and lubed (native rope). It’s lightweight and is great for a summer walk at the beach.

  • Selling at S$12liliw laguna sandels

These are made of synthetic leather. It’s very soft and comfortable to walk with. What I like most about these pairs is that I don’t get calluses on my feet.

  • Selling at S$6
    Selling at S$6 plus shipment cost

These are perfect for daily use or just a trip to the local store.

Taking a road trip to Liliw is incomplete without a visit to St. John the Baptist Parish Church. Built in the 1600′s and reconstructed in the latter part of the 1800′s, it is now a massive edifice for worship and prayer and is a good location for a church wedding. The exteriors speak loudly of its long history, a perfect spot for a ‘somewhere-in-time’ movie.

Travel To Liliw Laguna

St. John the Baptist Parish Church Bell Towerlaguna sandel

  • Liliw Laguna
    A long aisle to walk for a wedding march
  • Liliw Laguna
    Altar of St. John the Baptist Parish Church
  • Liliw Laguna
    The Blessed Sacrament

Lunch was at Arabela, a homegrown restaurant found in a cozy corner. I was so looking forward to dining there because it was closed the last time I went to Liliw with my sister-in-law. A bit of a disappointment though. The food fare is very western; they serve steaks, salads, cakes, items you can find in the city. Maybe I was just craving for dishes with local ingredients like the abundant pako (edible fern) and talangka (small crab).

Liliw Laguna
Dine al fresco, the weather

Travel To Liliw Laguna -in February is a good time to enjoy lunchKeep the day off for your road trip to Liliw. Shopping for shoes may take you two hours maximum (relatively, if you are not a shoe addict). Travel time may take six hours back and forth, depending on where you will come from. I highly suggest that you leave Manila at 6 AM  and leave Liliw after lunch to beat the traffic in Calamba, Laguna on a weekday. I think my post gives correct information. of Liliw laguna.

I look forward to reading your comments if you want to buy the sandals I posted.

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