Travel To Cambodia Best Places Tourist Attractions in 2021.

The  Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Cambodia – Culture.

Travel to Cambodia, our last road trip for 2021 was in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We planned to stretch the trip to Siem Reap but hubby got sick so we stayed in Phnom Penh the whole time instead


Travel To Cambodia-First on our list was the Choeung Ek Memorial or the Killing Fields and Toul Sleng Genocide Museum prison also known as S21 (Security Office 21). I think, at least in my case, it was good to learn first about the violence that transpired in Cambodia in the 70s because it left me with a better appreciation of the people. At the same time, I left Cambodia with good memories and experiences rather than the thoughts and images of millions of men, women, and children killed for no reason other than fear of Best Places in camodia

Choeung Ek Genocide Museum

The Choeung Ek Genocidal Center can now be described as quiet, serene, clean, cool with fresh air, abundant with ornamental flowers, and welcoming. But all these changed in my mind as I walked the paths of the Killing Fields while listening through an audio tour to the harrowing stories of what the Khmer Rouge did to their fellow Cambodians. Stories such as the Reds smashing babies on a tree, of men digging their own graves, of loud music playing on to muffle the cries and screams of the prisoners waiting for their final minute, of women raped countless times, and so many other stories that I would be happy to forget. It leaves one to ask: What was the point?”

Choeung Ek Genocide Museum

I asked this question more strongly when we went to S21 where only seven out of 20,000visit cambodia

the Khmer Rouge marched in the streets of Cambodia and the public welcomed them with open arms and smiling faces, thinking that the Reds will save them. Three days later, the Khmer Rouge turned out as their worst nightmare. We can only imagine the prisoners shackled in very small cells built inside what used to be classrooms. In every two to three months, they got a douse of water that served as their bath.

Toul Sleng Genocide Museum

To top it, the atrocities happened in the leadership of educated men (and one woman) who were once teachers themselves. Which brings one to ask again: What was the point?

Toul Sleng Genocide Museum

Why make these two places a tourist spot? As the narrator in the Choeung Ek Memorial said, we should learn from our history so we can prevent it from happening again in the future.

To go to these places, you can hire a tuk-tuk for USD15. Be prepared to drive through dust as the roads are very dry if you will go at this time of the year. Our tuktuk driver bought us a mask each. Or for more convenience, you can hire a car for US50. The entrance fee to Choeung Ek is USD3 while you life in cambodia

Travel To Cambodia Best Places like National Museum

Phnom Penh National Museum

The National Museum is conveniently a block away from our guesthouse, right beside the Royal Palace. It features sculptures of gods and artifacts from the 7th to 13th century. This place is a haven for history, archaeology, and religion enthusiasts. There are women inside the museum who hand out local, aromatic flowers that visitors can offer to the gods and make a small donation. It’s very quiet inside but is a bit warm. The courtyard offers a refreshing escape.

The entrance fee is USD3 and photo taking is not allowed. It’s open every day from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Royal Palace
Royal Palace

The Royal Palace takes a whole block and is a compound of several halls and pavilions used by the King mostly. It’s open to the public except when the King is inside. Visitors can take photos within the grounds because most of the halls are closed to the public.

Phnom Penh Royal Palace

Within the compound is the Silver Pagoda so-called because of its 5000 silver tiles. It is the official temple of the Museun in cambodia

The entrance fee to the Royal Palace is at USD6.50. Outside the palace fronting the riverside is a landscape where most locals hang out, children play, and pigeons are ready to be fed.

Travel To Cambodia Best Places – Oudang Mountain

Oudang Mountain Cambodia

Oudang Mountain, the old capital of Cambodia, is an hour and 30 minutes away from the capital. Tourists should hire a car or van depending on the number of passengers. We hired a Honda CRV for USD50.View from the top of Oudang Mountain.

Get ready to climb 509 steps to reach the top and take a full view of Phnom Penh. Children will arbitrarily assign themselves as your tour guide and will even fan you as you huff and puff going up, but you can politely tell them that you prefer to walk on your own. Walk further back and you will see an ancient stupa, the only one I have seen that has a face on top and some sort of metal stick protruding above it. Hubby said I should quit my conspiracy theories about aliens, but I couldn’t help but wonder what that metal stick is for. Note to self: Mountain in cambodia

Oudang Mountain

Further back and down, we found more stupas but most are new. There are also vendors selling flowers and refreshments. Some have also taken the stupas as their homes.

I was hoping the trip to the old capital will leave me nostalgic and more enthusiastic about Cambodia. Unfortunately, all I can remember is the long climb, which thanks to the elliptical machine, I completed with only a couple of stops to rest my legs.

Russian Market

Russian Market Phnom Penh

On our last morning in Phnom Penh, we went to the Russian Market so-called because most tourists in Cambodia in the 80′s were Russians. Surprisingly, not all the stalls were open even at 9AM. Stores that have opened gave bargain prices to the first customer, believing they will bring them luck for the whole day. We have the same belief in the Philippines which we refer to as “buena mano”.

Russian Market Phnom Penh

The Russian Market is a place for anything and everything, from make-up to clothes, shoes, food, mechanical tools and parts, flowers, wooden carvings, native home decors, slippers, and what-have-yous. Hubby bought a small statue of Apsara at USD15 while I bought a set of reed placemat at USD5. In other areas, my placemat costs USD7 to USD10.

Central Market

Central Market Phnom Penh

The Khmer name of Central Market translates to “new market”, but it is known mostly to tourists as Central Market. Built-in 1937 during the French colonial period, it has four wings connected by a central dome. Like the Russian Market, items also vary from clothes to kitchen utensils and appliances, fish markets to jewelry stalls found in the middle and right under the dome.

Night Market

Night Market Phnom Penh

Travel To Cambodia Best Places -The Night Market is a shopping scene in Phnom Penh. Most items sold are clothes, shoes, Cambodian handicrafts, silks, and souvenirs. The highlight of our trip here is the dinner al fresco on mats on the ground surrounded by food stalls. Food items are almost the same: grilled seafood, meat, vegetables, Cambodian delicacies, and local food. Tourists and locals can buy from these stalls and find a free space on the mat, take their shoes off, and sit and dine on the ground. It was a good night for us; the temperature was cool enough to enjoy our dinner treats.

Travl to combadi_Night Market Phnom Penh

There are also several parks and monuments in Phnom Penh, the most notable of all is the Independence Monument. Built-in 1962, it serves as a symbol of Cambodia’s independence from foreign rule.

Travel To Cambodia  -Independence Monument  Cambodia

I am sure there are a lot of other places that tourists can see in Phnom Penh, not to mention the temples that serve as the cornerstone of Cambodian belief and way of life. But I am saving that for our trip to Siem Reap (in case we get to visit it in the future).

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