Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Nagoya

Famous Tourist Spots In Nagoya You Shouldn’t Miss – As one of the largest cities in Japan, Nagoya has a lot to offer. It is actually the fourth most populated city across the country. It used to develop as the castle town of the Owari. In the meantime, the Owari itself was considered one of the three branches of the Tokugawa family. The buildings that stand firm here were demolished by a series of air attacks. However, the city had finally recovered and now it has become an important part of Japan. There are many famous tourist spots in Nagoya.

Tourist Attractions in Nagoya

You must already know the Toyota Motor Corporation. This giant company has actually their headquarters established just outside of the city. After the destruction of the city during World War II, now it has been rebuilt and carefully planned. It is interesting because compared to other cities, this is among the well-designed ones. It is about to take you by surprise with the awesome layout of the city and spacious area. It is a symbol of prosperity. Just the fact that one of the most important companies builds their headquarters here is strong proof that the people are really prosperous. We will be talking about famous tourist spots in Nagoya.

Atsuta Shrine famous Tourist Spots In Nagoya


Shrines define Japan more than other kinds of constructions. Japan and its cities have so many shrines. If you are heading to Nagoya this time around, then please come to Atsuta Shrine. It looks like any other shrine, but the special part is that it becomes one of the most important centers of worship. There is a sacred word here called Kusanagi-No-Tsurugi. It was there to honor the deity Atsuta-No-Ookami. It is not the only deity that people worship. There are a few others and they have also been linked with the sacred sword. You can come here to see what the indigenous people do to worshipping their gods. The surroundings look very interesting, too.

Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium

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When it comes to famous tourist spots in Nagoya, we would say this deserves one. The collection of animals seems like a typical public aquarium. There are dolphins and the beluga here. You can see many other creatures as well. In nature, they live in the Atlantic. There are a few orcas, one of which was just delivered by its mother in November 2012. For your information, the public aquarium consists of two primary facilities and each one has its particular theme. The north building is where one of the largest tanks is located. It can accommodate more people and the performances here involve dolphins.

Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens

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As one of the famous tourist spots in Nagoya, Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens also has a lot of great sights. It is more than just a zoo because, within the same area, there are botanical gardens. On top of that, there is also an amusement park if you will. So basically there are so many things you can do to make yourself content before leaving. The animals are not really rare, like elephants, koalas, and giraffes. There is also a house with a population of nocturnal animals that stay active mostly at night. At the same time, the botanical gardens boast the beauty of sakura. This has to be one of the most world-famous plants.

Nagoya City Science Museum


If the aforementioned famous tourist spots in Nagoya weren’t enough, you can come to the Nagoya City Science Museum the next day. The major draw is the planetarium. It is not a random planetarium but been crowned as the largest in the world. Now if you are excited to learn about life sciences, do not mist it.


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