Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Nairobi

Best Tourist Attractions In Nairobi  – What are the major tourist attractions in Nairobi? First of all, we’d like to tell you that this is one of the major cities in Africa. It is a great idea to come here considering there are many wonderful places to visit. As a traveler, you might be challenged by the awesome wildlife of Nairobi. Arica generally has wonderful wildlife. There is a lot that you can explore. We do not need to persuade you to come because its charm is strong enough to make you consider this place for the next holiday.

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This city is as compelling as other major cities on the continent. It has a magnetic appeal, so please arrange your holiday here. Nairobi is a great representation of Kenya. It is for everyone, from hustlers to shoppers. The city is a mix of various people. Some of those that inhabit this city are immigrants that come from rural areas. This city has been experiencing rapid growth over the past few years. However, it leads to a few negative things, like a high level of crime committed in the city. It becomes clear when you read the local newspaper because there are many stories about it posted. What are some major tourist attractions in Nairobi?

Karen Blixen Museum Karen Blixen Museum

Nairobi is not just about the wildlife. If anything, this offers a wide variety of attractions. Let’s talk about the Karen Blixen Museum. This used to be a farm located at the foot of the Ngong Hills. The hills are another attraction you can visit. It does not take long to reach this place given the fact that it is only 10km away from the center of the city.

The museum tells the untold story of a certain time period of the city’s history. It gained international attention thanks to the release of the movie ‘Out Of Africa’. You can come here at any time because it is open to the public every day. It is even possible to enter the museum during public holidays. The displays are distinctive, so you need to pay close attention to them.

Baroness Karen Blixen Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Nairobi

This is among the major attractions in Nairobi. It is decades old now, first built-in 1912. Ake Sjogren is the person behind the creation of this brilliant construction. Only five years later, it was purchased by a couple named Karen and her husband. They turned it into a farmhouse. After they announced separation, only Karen stayed there while his ex lived somewhere else. It then again had a new owner, Remy Marin. Yes, it was under a few ownerships, until finally it was given to the Kenyan Government. It is still an important symbol of their independence.

Bomas of Kenya Best Tourist Attractions In Nairobi Bomas of Kenya

If you’re looking for some major tourist attractions in Nairobi, this is not to be missed. It is close to Nairobi national park. What do you expect from this place? This is where you can enjoy the unique dances performed by the locals. If you want to know what the traditional dances look like, here is the way to go. There are Kalenjin warrior dances, unique music, and other ceremonies.

Nairobi National Park is Best Tourist Attractions In Nairobi


This is another national park in Nairobi you can head to. Compared to others, it is the oldest one. The national park and the city center are only 7 km apart. There is an electric fence encircling the park. It is needed to make sure that the wildlife remains separated from the city. At the end of the day, both the people and animals need to have their own lives. There are many other major tourist attractions in Nairobi.

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