Top Rated Places To Go In Limerick That Would Drive You Insane

Best Tourist Attractions in Limerick – You would not believe that Limerick has a lot of offerings. From the quirky pubs to the unique markets, there is something for everyone. We would like you to come here and go around. There is a lot to see. For instance, you can snack at the Milk Market. Many food items Can find here. All look delicious, but they taste great, actually. Try the eggs because they have a unique taste. They are rolled in breadcrumbs, wrapped in smoked beef or something like that. There are also fried foods if you will. Some top-rated places in Limerick, Tell about spending time to enjoy the Irish works of art?

Best places to visit in Limerick

There are a variety of unique paintings and other crafts made by Irish artisans. With so many interesting points of interest, your holiday would not feel complete before you enter the Hunt Museum. That is not only the building that will grab your attention but also the extraordinary displays. The museum houses a great diversity of valuable pieces. They are old treasures that can only be enjoyed because those times are past us.

People’s Park Best Tourist Attractions in Limerick

People’s Park

People’s park is one of the top-rated places to go in Limerick. We should feel special from the name because it seems that this park is dedicated to everyone. To make it better, the park is truly stunning like a tranquil oasis where you can stay and forget everything. It is actually an important landscape of the city. To those who are looking for a fresh space within Limerick, they can come here and enjoy the grassy meadows. The evergreen trees fill the landscape and thrive everywhere within the area. It becomes more enjoyable when you come here in the spring or summer because the plants show more of their beauty in those two months.

Glenstal Abbey Best Tourist Attractions in Limerick

Glenstal Abbey

Best Tourist Attractions in Limerick -Glenstal Abbey is also one of the top-rated places to go in Limerick. It is easy to tell why. This exemplary 500-acre estate is everyone’s dream. None would miss the opportunity of exploring this expansive building. There are a lot of interesting things to be found around. The scenic walks are arranged beautifully over the grounds. There is a wide collection of flowers and trees as well, resulting in a perfect and unforgettable sanctuary. You can see the wildlife as well. There are gift shops built for tourists. Just in case you want to buy some souvenirs, you can head to the shop.

King John’s Castle Best Tourist Attractions in Limerick

King John’s Castle

The King John’s Castle is a famous site in Limerick. Though it is not a new building, people are still attracted to visit this place and the local government revived it in 2013. From that moment, the site is open to the public. If you’re lucky, you will come across exhibitions when you are here. There is a café that you can visit as well. That would be a perfect place to unwind after exploring the magnificent castle. What is the major drawer? The 21st-century touch screen technology is one of the most exciting parts of the exhibitions.

Hunt Museum Best Tourist Attractions in Limerick

Hunt Museum Best Tourist Attractions in Limerick

Sure, this is one of the top-rated places to go in Limerick, but we can give you enough reasons to come here besides that one. The museum is a gem in Limerick. There is an inscription that perfectly describes this place. You have to check it out. The collection is not larger than other museums, but that is not a bad thing. It is still a great place where classic treasures gather.


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