5 Must Visit Attractions in Brazil

Best Tourist Attractions in Brazil mus visit.

Top 5 Best Tourist Attractions in Brazil – Brazil is the largest most influential country in South America which occupies approximately half the continent. It is a major economical center, adored for its football stars, coffee production, and traditional music. The main essence of the country is its people, and while Brazil is home to a multitude of ethnic groups with different traditions, there are two things that unite them all: energy and passion. Besides the largest tropical forest of the Amazon, Brazil is also home to many great attractions. Here are a few of them:

5:Rio de Janeiro is Best Tourist Attractions in Brazil rio-de-janeiro-vacation

Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro A definite must-see is the Rio Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. The world-famous festival held every year before Lent is one of the best attractions in Brazil, if not the best. Many travel sites such as will usually incorporate the festivities into most traveler’s agendas. During a period of four days, the people in Brazil overflow the streets of the city and celebrate with dance and music. The exuberance and energy emitted by locals attract countless tourists every year. According to tradition, anyone who wishes to take part in the celebration must wear a costume.

4: Fernando de Noronha


Fernando de Noronha Brazil

Fernando de Noronha Brazil Fernando de Noronha is a spectacular archipelago of untamed beaches, turquoise waters, and unspoiled natural landscapes situated 350 kilometers off the northeastern coast of Brazil. The islands discovered by Amerigo Vespucci in 1503 are now the Mecca for divers and snorkelers all over the world. It is a paradise for people in search of exotic and relaxing destinations.

3:Iguacu Cascade is Best Tourist Attractions in Brazil


Iguacu Cascade
Iguacu Cascade The Iguacu Cascade is undoubtedly one of the most popular attractions in Paris, and one of the most powerful spectacles of nature. Situated at the confluence of three states: Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, the cascade attract thousands of tourists every year and it has recently become one of the seven wonders of nature.

2: Oscar Niemeyer, Brasilia

brazil beraches

Oscar Niemeyer, Brasilia

Oscar Niemeyer, Brasilia Visit the futuristic town of Oscar Niemeyer, Brasilia. The capital of Brazil, designed by the famous architect is home to many monuments which are part of the UNESCO Patrimony. Brasilia is basically a vast “artificial” city formed from a huge public boulevard and two wings endowed with identical markets. The Capital of Brazil is a very interesting city which was designed with vigor. It is a masterpiece of modernist architecture, a real display of architectural landscaping and perfectly designed structures.

1:Manaus market

Manaus Brazil

Manaus Brazil is an exotic city situated in the heart of a tropical forest, near the Rio Negro and 11 kilometers away from the mouth of the Amazon. Most visitors are probably expecting a small village lost between trees of green, but they will be shocked at the sight of a modern city.

There are a lot of great tourist attractions in Brazil, Manaus. For example, the Praca de Saudade is a fun plaza equipped with a small amphitheater, an amusement park, and local restaurants. If you want to find out more about the Caboclos you should visit the Museo do Homen do Norte, and if you are into tribal weapons and handicrafts, the Museu de Indio is not that far away.

Besides these beautiful things, there are also nice attractions like Christ the Redeemer which has become iconic for Rio, Prenatal which is the world’s largest wetland, and the attractive colonial town of Bahia which is home to Salvador beaches.

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