Davao Tourist Spots Where You Can Have Fun

Best Tourist Spots in Davao  – There are many Davao tourist spots. Though Davao is famous for many things, durian seems like its major draw. If you like this fruit, you should check out this destination. There are many travel destinations in the Philippines. This city offers a different facet of the country. Davao feels so clean, which is even better than other cities across the country. Another interesting part about Davao is how well the locals take care of themselves. Are you a smoker? You should probably quench your thirst for cigarettes while you’re here because the people do not smoke.


There are numerous pawnshops here. They look kind of like mini fortresses we usually see in Manila. There is a wide array of items sold, so you can buy some for family and friends at home. Besides, this city is not notorious for its crime. In fact, you will feel safe because the security is on point. We will be telling you some Davao tourist spots. You should definitely spend time visiting some of those. . If you have a plan to come here, it is best to come between April and May because these were the hottest months, meaning that you should not worry about the rain.

People’s Park Best Tourist Spots in Davao


Have you ever been to the best park in Davao? That has to be People’s Park. It never ceases to amaze us because it is such a lovely park in the city. It is not only popular by the locals, but also foreigners. If the fact that the park is dubbed as one of the most expensive in the country isn’t convincing enough, you should come here for its incredible offers. It is clean and green. There are many ways to describe the scenic views inside the park. It is built over a vast area and now has become an important learning complex dedicated to adults and children.

Mount Apo Best Tourist Spots in Davao


Mount Apo is an active volcano situated 20 miles west of Davao. The summit is actually the highest point in the country. If you want to know how it feels to see amount towering the sky, you should definitely come here. There is a wide array of biodiversity to be found inside, like tropical hardwoods, forests, etc. It is home to numerous rare species, including the Philippine eagle. It was being considered to be added to the UNESCO world heritage list. It deserves the title for everything it has. It is not only about the wonderful view, but it also a haven for biological diversity.

Kadayawan Festival Best Tourist Spots in Davao

Kadayawan Festival Best Tourist Spots in Davao

There are many Davao tourist spots you can visit. This is not particularly a place, but you should still see and enjoy the merriment. Festivals are held everywhere every day. That is because the Philippines is rich in culture. With so many festivals, you have to witness the Kadayawan Festival as it is a celebration of a good harvest. There are probably similar celebrations in other places and go by different names, but this one is similar to Thanksgiving. The locals celebrate it in August, precisely in the 3rd week of August. It is a celebration of life where people get together to enjoy all the gifts of nature.

Lake Venado Best Tourist Spots in Davao


Lake Venado is another sight to spot around Mount Apo. It is at the foot of the mount, so you can kill two birds with one stone. It does not take long to reach this place from anywhere on the mountain. There are some interesting facts about the lake. Firstly, it is an Endorheic Lake, which means the water in the lake does not directly flow into the sea. However, as the dry season comes, it looks almost half empty because the sun heats up the surface and some of the water turns into vapor. There are many other Davao tourist spots.

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