The 10 Best Things to Do in Hobart Tasmania – 2021

Best Things to see in Hobart Tasmania -I grew up watching cartoons and one of my favorites was Looney Tunes. I had no idea, until a couple of years ago, that the cartoon Tasmania Devil was based on a real animal of the same name! Since learning that, Tasmania was on my list of places to visit. When I got the chance this year to go to Australia, Tasmania, was one of the first places I visited. I flew to Hobart, a short one-hour flight from Melbourne, and quickly fell in love with the city.

I quickly discovered that Tasmania has a lot more to offer than just its unique wildlife.
Hobart is the capital and largest city of Tasmania. It’s Australia’s smallest territory and is the country’s second-oldest capital, founded in 1804. The area was first used by the British as a penal colony for convicts. It’s the country’s smallest state, with a population of around half a million people.

Hobart Tasmania

Best Things to Do in Hobart Tasmania -I didn’t do a lot of research before going so I didn’t have any expectations of what the city should be like or look like. I decided to let myself be surprised when I arrived, and what a nice surprise it was! The city is packed with beautiful waterfront and coastal views, charming buildings, pristine parks, yummy food, and friendly locals.

View From Mount Wellington


Best Things to see in Hobart Tasmania – For a great view of the city, go to the top of Mount Wellington. It’s very close to the city and offers a great view of the city are surrounding areas. I thought it was great because the clouds were below us, the only other time I have looked down on clouds was in a plane, so I thought it was pretty cool to be standing above the clouds!

Salamanca Market Best Things to see in Hobart Tasmania

If you’re in Hobart on a Saturday then check out the Salamanca Market. There you will find over 300 stalls selling lots of local products, crafts, and foods. The market was surprisingly large and busy for such a small town. It was here I tried a wallaby wrap and all self-control went out the window as I bought way too much fudge.

Port Arthur best australia

Best Things to see in Hobart Tasmania – A great day trip from Hobart is to the World Heritage Port Arthur Historic Site. It’s a former convict prison city, where English prisoners were sent back in the 1800s, and an important historical location for Australia. There are around 30 different buildings on the site and an option to take a boat trip to the island of the dead (where they used to bury the prisoners) so give yourself enough time to see the site.

When we arrived we were each given a playing card. Each card represented the story of one convict that had lived at Port Arthur. I thought it was a great idea and I enjoyed following the story of my prisoner.

See the Native Wildlife Up Close

Best Things to see in Hobart Tasmania

You can’t to Tasmania without getting a look at the state’s famous animals. Once abundant throughout Australia, the Tasmanian Devil can now only be found in Tasmania.

Tasmanian devils were almost eradicated in the 1800s. In 1941, the government made the devils a protected species. Unfortunately, almost 90% of the species have died in the last couple of years because of a cancerous face tumor.

I went to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary to see the devils. Sanctuaries like this one are working hard to find a cure for facial tumor disease in order to prevent the population from further declining. It’s a great place that works to rescue and rehabilitate native animals from across the state. In addition to the devils, they also have much other Australian wildlife that you can see including kangaroos that you can feed!

MONA Hobert best Things to see in Hobart Tasmania


Best Things to see in Hobart Tasmania – Museum of Old and New Art is probably one of the most famous attractions in Hobart. I didn’t plan on going because I am not a big fan of art or museums and this one costs $20 to enter. I had so many people tell me that I should go that eventually I caved and decided to find out what all the fuss was about. One of my favorite parts was not the museum itself but the ferry ride to the museum. If you decide to go you have the option of either going by ferry or by bus. 100% go with the ferry.

As for the museum, honestly, for me, it was fine. I guess I just don’t get modern art. Like the picture below which some might call art but I call some fish and a knife in a bowl of water. There were some interesting pieces but in general, not my thing.

Walk Along the Waterfront

The waterfront in Hobart makes for a nice walk during the day and during the evening. There is a great contrast between historic buildings and modern architecture to see. There are many stores selling local products and artwork. Along the waterfront, you can also find the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. There are also many restaurants and cafes along the waterfront (see below for what to eat). I walked along the waterfront several times during my trip and never tired of the view of the water and all the ships and boats.

What to Eat in Hobart tasmania food

Fish, and Chips. Hobart is the place for fish and chip lovers. There is no shortage of restaurants serving up fresh-caught fish and a basket of fries, from on-the-go places to sit-down restaurants. I had fish and chips twice while I was in the city, once at a takeaway place and the other time at a sit-down restaurant.

The first place I went to was called Flippers, it’s a floating restaurant and offers to take away only. There were lots of benches nearby to sit on while eating and looking out at the water. I enjoyed my meal from here, the food was good and the staff was really friendly.

The second place I went to was Mures which was also on the waterfront and serves many types of fresh local seafood. I was also happy with this meal. The place was packed when I went for dinner and the only negative was that it was really loud as there were lots of children there.

How To Get To Hobart

Hobart is just a short flight away from Melbourne or Sydney. You also have the option of taking a daytime or nighttime ferry from Melbourne to the north of the island, then taking a bus to the capital city.

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