Here is The Must Go Places In Sapporo Japan

Best Things to Do in Sapporo Japan –  Japan is such a wonderful treasure. The duality of the country is just fascinating. We can explore the modern areas, while the traditional ones also are well-kept. Most tourists know that there are many places to go to in Japan. We would say that Sapporo is one of the most favorite among visitors for a number of reasons.

The city is clean and has a unique architecture as it is built on a grid pattern. When it comes to the weather, it is all fun here because there is no rain. There is no worry that the rain will fall down when you’re out to explore the gorgeous city. There are many must-go places in Sapporo.


It is definitely unique because this is probably one of a few places in Japan that do not get ruined by the rainy season. Is there any must-see festival here? There are actually a lot of interesting festivals, like Sapporo Beer which is held annually. The local dishes taste great as well. Many people really like Japanese food. Well, you do not have to go to a local Japanese restaurant because the original ones are here. It is inhabited by approximately 2 million people, making it the largest city in Hokkaido.

 Odori Park

japan  Odori Park

Best Things to Do in Sapporo Japanor – The locals like the Odori Park so much because it is a well-known gathering spot for families. There are many things that make the park a great getaway. Firstly, it has a nice atmosphere. It is lush as there are a variety of flowering plants and trees that grow in the park. Besides, there are events being held on certain occasions here.

Yes, this is one of the must-go places in Sapporo. There is no need to drive for hours to reach this place because the park is located at the center of a business district. It is famous for its fountains and lawns. Anytime you need time to contemplate and enjoy nature, just come here and breathe in the fresh air. Though it is called a park, it is more like a street. But whatever, it is still a relaxing space to visit.

Mount Moiwa Ropeway

Mount Moiwa Ropeway

Best Things to Do in Sapporo Japan – There are several mountains in Hokkaido. We would like you to come to Mount Moiwa Ropeway. It is one of the must-go places in Sapporo. Do you like coexisting with nature? This can be your primary stopping point after arriving in this city. People consider it as a romantic place for a romantic date.

It is totally not an exaggeration because it is easy to admire the romantic scenery of the mount. You can also climb up the top and see everything from up there clearly. It does not take long until you can reach the peak. Since it is one of the highest points in Sapporo, expect to see the city view clearly.

Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium

Things to Do in Sapporo

Best Things to Do in Sapporo Japan – Okurayama ski jump stadium was heralded as a stage where the 1972 Winter Olympic Games took place. To many, this is one of the must-go places in Sapporo. Like many other stadiums, this stadium is also used to train athletes, especially those that participate in Nordic events. It is open to the public and visitors are given the opportunity to take the chairlift to the top. The only time you can’t get there is when there are major events being held. It was privately built with a budget of 50,000 yen.

Sapporo Beer Museum


Best Things to Do in Sapporo Japan – It remains the only beer museum in Japan. Everyone that has an interest in beer and brewing should definitely come to this place. There is a lot to learn, mainly the history of the beer industry in the whole of Japan.



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