Amazing Things to do in Buenos Aires

Favorite Things To Do In Buenos Aires -The fascination with Buenos Aires aka the capital of Argentina will never end because this city is rich in cultural heritage. There is a lot to witness while roaming around the city. We will share with you some of the favorite things to do in Buenos Aires. It feels impossible to visit even the most popular places in a single trip unless you want to stay there for a couple of months. Besides the main points of interest, you have to go to the boutiques, shops, and other great places.

Things To Do In Buenos Aires

Of course, knowing it is in Argentina, this provides you with a great opportunity to watch soccer matches. Do you like sports? You should not miss it, then. There are also many well-known cafes. You can even find articles that specifically talk about the top cafes here. You can start your trip by tasting the local dishes. It sounds like a lot of fun, so you have to give it a try. Street-side performances are also common. If you want something more formal, watching this kind of show at a theater is a good idea. Here are some favorite things to do in Buenos Aires.



Buenos Aires is one of the top tourist destinations that house some great monuments. Speaking of historic monuments, we can’t forget Obelisco. It is a typical old monument, but the fact that it is billed as the city’s icon speaks volumes about its importance. It is pretty tall, 67.5 meters to be exact. With such a height, it is easy to notice from a distance. It comes as no surprise that the monument is wrapped with decorations at certain times of the year. When they are well-decorated and lit, the monument appears to be so majestic.

Plaza De Mayo

Plaza De Mayo

Visiting Plaza De Mayo is a good idea because this is such a historic building that has been around since the 16th century. This is a place for people to commemorate their independence from Spain. Even if you are not a native, this is still a wonderful place to visit. There are some unique constructions to be found here, like the Casa Rosada, the Cabildo, which were actually the government building.

MALBA good

Exploring the Malba is also one of the favorite things to do in Buenos Aires. This museum is awesome for the fact that you can see more than the Airy galleries of art. Guess what, you can also see a chic café, postcards and art books. The museum brags contemporary art especially the one coming from Latin America. Some people also look forward to seeing the temporary exhibitions.

Teatro Colón puerto

Next, you will feel honored to come to this place. It is probably easy to mention the top opera houses around the world, but in Argentina, this is apparently one of the most renowned opera houses. Hence, whenever you want to travel to Buenos Aires, you can’t miss this place because the construction is not only stunning from the outside. The interior is very mesmerizing, too.

It took over 20 years before it was finally opened to the public since it was first constructed. Spend your time exploring the inside of the building, especially the Classical Horseshoe Auditorium. What is the best time to visit? People usually book their flights from January to February because, during these months, people can shop for tickets if they want to see grand opera productions.

Rosedal flemish

Favorite Things To Do In Buenos Aires – Buenos Aires is known as a metropolis that can be quite noisy sometimes. But people seem so unbothered because there are numerous romantic settings to find serenity. Rosedal is one of those places. Being surrounded by a stunning lake, eye-catching white trellises, you’ll feel like paradise. There are many more favorite things to do in Buenos Aires.

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