How can you climb the Eiffel Tower on foot?

Easy Way To Climb The Eiffel Tower Peak  – Take a vacation to Europe is not complete without visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Better until reaching the Eiffel Tower peak. This icon of Paris City was located on the Champ de Mars, on the River Seine’s banks. Eiffel Tower becomes a major tourist destination that visited by local and foreign tourists.

Usually, a lot of tourists take a photo with The Eiffel Tower as a Background. It became one of the mandatory ‘rituals’ for visitors. The easiest and attractive place to capture Eiffel Tower images is in the boulevard or the grass field and you can also sit and relax there. But there is one thing that should not be missed when in there, climbing to the Eiffel Tower peak which is 325-meter height. Of course for the breathtaking views of Paris. paris 1026347 1280 1

Unfortunately, reaching the top of the tower was not easy like we think. Moreover, if we come on holiday or weekend. If you are not prepared, you will be got snatched by the crowds. With long queues, you will be waste about 2-3 hours.

But don’t worry, here are some tips for tourists who want to visit Eiffel Tower and intend to climb to the peak.

Buy Online TicketEiffel Tower Peak

You can directly visit its official website This website offers two kinds of tickets. First, tickets that directly climb to the top with the price from 9,5 Euro to 14 Euro. Second, a ticket for the climb to the first and second floors. Of course, the price was cheaper, from 4 Euro until 8,5 Euro. Usually, these tickets are bought by tourists who don’t want to snatch in the queue and don’t have any time. With a reservation ticket in hand, you can directly go through a special door that has been provided.

Come Earlier eiffel-tower

Unfortunately, sometimes the online ticket also fully booked if we don’t order far before. So the alternative to get the ticket booth that provided. But, once more, because of the hectic, you should come at around 08.00 local times. So when the counter opened at 09.00, you already at the front queue and become the first group which climbs to the Eiffel Tower peak first. After all, when in the morning the sky was clear and you can enjoy the incredible scenery from the Eiffel Tower peak.

Take Queue in Eastern Counter Easy Way To Climb The Eiffel Tower Peak

There are four counters to climb Eiffel Tower peak. All of them are located at each tower’s leg. Two counters selling tickets that using stairs to climb to the first floor and two. Two other counters selling tickets for the elevator rides.The two counters that selling tickets for elevator rides are always in a long queue.

If you conscientious, the easter counter is often less crowded than the boulevard counter that leading to the Trocadero Palace. Because, most of the tourist who comes by bus or from the station, entering Eiffel Tower directly to the counter there, without going to check the Eastern Counter.

Saving time when taking a vacation to Paris is very important. With much more time left over, you can take a walk along the river Seine and the Trocadero Palace which located not far from Eiffel Tower. At the Trocadero palace, there are many museums that can be explored.

So, with the tips above, I hope you can saving time while visiting the tower or maybe climb to the Eiffel Tower peak instead.

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