Sydney Harbour Bridge Plan a Holiday 2021

I decided to make a separate post just about crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge because it was one of my favourite Sydney experiences and I would highly recommend it. A great bonus of it is that it’s 100% free! I love a good deal and am always on the lookout for free and budget-friendly things to do and see while travelling.


When you cross thing bridge you will get some really phenomenal views of the city, the harbour, and the city! You have the option of walking back and forth or just walking one way. I decided to take the train to Milsons Point Station and walk across the city.

If you are only going to walk one way across the bridge I would recommend starting from Milsons Point because this way you are walking towards the harbour with a great view the whole way. I also think it’s easier to figure out how to get onto the bridge from Milsons Point than from the other side at The Rocks District. As soon as you come up from the train, there is a sign pointing you in the way of the bridge and you walk for a very short amount of time and see the bridge stairs.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Sign

Nice and easy so even if you’re always getting lots like you’ll find your way

Stairs to Sydney Harbour Bridge

Just follow these stairs and you’ll be on your way to crossing the bridge

Sign to Sydney Harbour BridgeBest Sydney Harbour Bridge

Once you’re on the bridge it does not take long to cross, or maybe it just seems like very little time because you are so busy taking in the beautiful scenery!

Sydney Harbour Bridge

I was quite surprised to see the fence along the walking path of the bridge, it looks to me like something that would be at a maximum-security prison. There have been about 40 people that had committed suicide since the bridge opened and I guess they just really want to make sure no one jumps but I feel like it’s a bit much.

I had a hard time picking just a few pictures because there were so many great ones but here are some of my favourites!

Sydney Harbour Bridge

View looking back towards Milsons Point Station and the North of Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge

If you on a budget and planning a trip to Australia, or already travelling in Australia, you might be interested in my Guide to Melbourne on a Budget where I outline some great, and free, things to do and see to make the most out of your trip on a budget.


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