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17 Ways to Actually Save Money While Traveling

17 Pro Tips for Saving Money on Travel

17 Ways to Actually Save Money While Traveling

Save Money While Traveling – After traveling to over thirty countries as a student on a budget, I was always looking for ways to save money. There are many different ways you can be a smart traveler and avoid paying more than you have to. Even something little can add up and make a difference. Check out these tips on saving money while traveling and learn to travel smarter!

Save Money While traveling


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1.pack light and avoid baggage fees

Airlines love to charge you for extra baggage, especially discount airlines. Check airline’s luggage policies before booking flights so you know how much you can bring. If you plan on traveling with a variety of airlines, then the best thing to do is remember less is more. That’s why, while backpacking around Australia and Nez Zealand for four months I brought nothing more than carry-on luggage. That way I would never have to worry about paying extra baggage fees.

17 Ways to Actually Save Money While Traveling, check out this article on How to Save Money to Travel More

2. Check nearby airports virgin-

Save Money While Traveling – When looking for flights, make sure to check not only the closest airport to where you live but also the surrounding airports. Many discount airlines only leave from certain locations and they are usually secondary airports. If you can get a good deal from another airport, it can cover the additional costs of getting to the airport and still save you money.

3. Cook instead of eating out

Stay in an accommodation where a kitchen is provided and take advantage of that kitchen! Eating out every day is a sure way to ensure that you spend a lot more than you need to. There is nothing wrong with eating out once in a while, but limit yourself. By buying groceries and preparing your own food you can save a lot of money. Cooking does not have to be a lot of work either, when traveling in NZ I would eat a cup of 0.70$ just add water instant noodles for dinner. Fast, easy, and cheap!

4. Bring food with you so you are not tempted to buy food

Ways to Actually Save Money While Traveling – Don’t forget to bring snacks! One of my biggest temptations to spend extra money when I’m traveling is food. I eat and half an hour later I’m hungry again, which is why my bag is always filled with snacks. Avoid the temptation of buying food during the day while you are out sightseeing by making sure you always have something to eat with you.

5. Avoid tourist traps

Prices are always more expensive and experiences are usually less authentic at tourist traps. Don’t follow the tourists, find the places that locals visit. Ask locals to find the more authentic locations and avoid paying high prices. Restaurants that cater to tourists often have lower quality food as well as being more expensive.

They know that tourists will probably never be back and therefore are not too worried about what they think of the food and service. Since they are not after repeat customers, the service and quality suffer.

6. Keep a bottle you can refill with water


Ways to Actually Save Money While Traveling – If you are traveling to a country that has safe drinking water, then using a reusable water bottle is an easy way to save money. Instead of buying a new bottle of water every day just refill the one you have for free!

7. Avoid eating at the airport

The airports know that once inside your only options are what the airport offers. Therefore, they can and do charge more, and you are willing to pay more, than normal. By bringing your own food to the airport you can avoid paying crazy prices. If you will be traveling on a long flight, then you will get a meal on the plane so try to avoid buying food at the airport and instead eat on the plane.

8. Find free entertainment

You don’t need to spend money to be entertained. Wherever you are planning on going there are going to be free things to do. Do some research before and see if any free attractions and events are happening. These can include things like a free museum night or a free outdoor show. If not, go for a walk and soak up the sights. Admire the beautiful architecture of the buildings. Check out a local park. Walkthrough a market. Sit down on a bench with your snacks and people watch.

9. Free guided tours

Check and see if the place you are visiting offers free tours. Many cities offer free guided walking tours which are around 3 hours long and allow you to see the city’s highlights and hear fun and interesting facts. Of course, the tour guides make their money on tips and I wouldn’t advise running away at the end without leaving them anything. As an unemployed student, I would usually leave 5 Euros. Since you pay at the end of the tour, and the guides depend on your tips, they always make sure that the tour is entertaining.

10. Research public transport


Ways to Actually Save Money While Traveling – There are normally many ways to get around when traveling. Do some research in advance to find out which is the cheapest and best option for you. If you have a lot of time, then why not take the train instead of a plane? I did this from Vienna to Berlin and from Toulon to Florence. It was cheaper than flying and I got to enjoy an amazing view of the countryside that I would have missed out on if I had flown. Check the different public transport options as well.

For example, at the airport in Vienna, the CAT, a public train, is advertised as the way to get into the city center. What they don’t tell you is that it’s almost 10 euros more expensive than just taking the normal public train, the OBB.

11. If you need to take a taxi, make sure you pre-research the rates

Save Money While Traveling Taxi is usually the most expensive option for transportation. However, if you are traveling in a country where things are generally much cheaper, and where public transport is either limited or overwhelming, then it might be the best option to opt for the convenience of a taxi. When I arrived at the airport with a friend in Ho Ci Mihn city, we decided since we were both tired from traveling that we would get a taxi.

Having not researched the cost of a taxi, we just took the first one we found and paid what the driver asked. I knew that we had been ripped off but only realized how badly the next day. Another friend had arrived the morning after and had also taken a taxi to the hostel. She had done research before about how much taxis should cost and ended up paying almost three times less than we had.

12. Look for (Groupon) deals

Before going on a trip try to find deals and sales. Sites like Groupon offer great deals on all types of things from classes, sightseeing, events, spas, and food.

13. Buy a local sim card so you don’t have to pay for roaming or Wi-Fi

One of the first things I do if I go to a new country, and plan on being there for at least two weeks, is to buy a SIM card. They are usually cheap, or free, and you can then add data so that you will have internet whenever you need it. This gives me a lot of comfort when I’m traveling, knowing that if I need to look something up I can.

When I was in NZ I did this. The SIM card was free and I put 20$ on it, which gave me more than enough data for the three weeks I was there. I was happy I did so because in the almost 20 hostels I stayed in, only 1 had free Wi-Fi. I ended up saving money by not having to pay every night for the internet.

14. Bargain when you can

Don’t be afraid to bargain, especially when at a market! You might feel uncomfortable about it in the beginning, but in many countries, bargaining is expected and vendors start with a high price expecting you to offer less. When I was in Hong Kong, at the night market, I bargained for a purse and ended up getting it for 1/5 of the initial price the vendor proposed.

15. Work at a hostel in exchange for free accommodation

If you’re not pressed for time, ask local hostels if you can work in exchange for free accommodation. Many will offer, in exchange for a few hours of work a day, a free bed for you to stay in as well as other free things such as some free meals and the use of the laundry machine for free.

16. Visit cheap countries Save Money While Traveling

cheoest in the world

Get the most bang for your buck by visiting countries that are cheap or that have a favorable conversion rate. Check out 12 of the World’s Cheapest Holiday Destinations 2016.

17. Travel on off seasons

Ways to Actually Save Money While Traveling –  Ways to Actually Save Money While Traveling – If you can be flexible with travel dates, then look for off-season deals and bargains. Certain times of the year, such as Christmas and summer, are generally going to be much more popular times to travel. The increase in demand will cause an increase in prices. A bonus of traveling in the offseason is that places will be less crowded.

Below, I have taken all the above information and condensed it into a checklist. This way, saving money while traveling can be even easier!

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