Wonderful Sites that Travelers can Visit in Xiamen

Most Popular Tourist Spots in Xiamen -What are wonderful sites that travelers can visit in Xiamen? There are many of them. China has many interesting tourist destinations. They are known for different things, like Xiamen that is mostly known for its great seascape. It is pretty broad to explore, be it nature and the city landscape. This is actually a seaport, even considered one of the biggest in the area. Hence, do not be surprised that Xiamen is surrounded by a wide gulf and deep water. It gets its name from the fact that it is considered as a Gate of China. That was exactly what the word means in English. xiamen-

It goes by different names, anyway. If you have heard of Egret Island, you should not feel confused because it is another name that is associated with the city. It is a haven to plenty of egrets, no wonder it is called like that. Xiamen is located in a subtropical climate, setting it as an ideal tourist destination all year round. Here are some wonderful sites that travelers can visit in Xiamen:

South Putuo Temple Popular Tourist Spots in Xiamen

 fdPopular Tourist Spots in Xiamen

Most Popular Tourist Spots in Xiamen -Japan has plenty of well-known ancient temples. Well, many countries across Asia have temples as well. If you have a plan to visit Xiamen, South Putuo Temple is one of the first places you have to go to. This ancient temple has been around for ages. It is built upon an area of ​​25.8 hectares, but the actual building is not that huge in comparison to the land. It is still huge enough for you to explore thoroughly.

There are some constructions to be found here, among others, the Hall of Great Mercy and the Hall of Heavenly Kings. They are spread evenly over the broad area. It is situated on a mountain slope, making it even more tempting because the atmosphere is just breathtaking.

Wuyi Mountains Popular Tourist Spots in Xiamen

Wuyi Mountains

Xiamen is a perfect stopping point for travelers who live for the serenity of nature. The Wuyi Mountains have it all for you. They offer spectacular views from every direction. Sure, there are other places that look similar to these mountains, but the Wuyi Mountains still have differences. Here you can see dense forests, waterfalls, rushing streams, and amazing wildlife.

In short, this place offers everything for nature lovers. Though it is available for access all year round, it is highly suggested that you come here when the days are warm and dry. This way, you will enjoy the wonders of nature in the most pleasant way. There are more wonderful sites that travelers can visit in Xiamen.

Shuzhuang Garden  Popular Tourist Spots in Xiamen

Shuzhuang Garden

Shuzhuang Garden has to be the next stopover. This garden offers more than just excellent views. The peaceful environment makes this place an ideal destination for you and your family. It will teach you a lot about appreciating the true beauty of nature. Aside from the garden itself, in this area, there are also water pools, a walkway, hills, etc. What sets it apart from other gardens? While the range of plants may not specifically interest you, the gardening techniques will spark your interest.

If you are a landscaping enthusiast, you can find plenty of new ideas by learning how the plants are arranged in this garden. Many people find themselves in awe by the unique arrangement of the flora and they describe it as an infinite space.

Hulishan Fortress  Popular Tourist Spots in Xiamen

Hulishan Fortress  

Popular Tourist Spots in Xiamen -There are wonderful sites that travelers can visit in Xiamen. Hulishan Fortress is another cultural site you must add to your itinerary. How so? Well, the fact that one of the cannons here is certified by the Guinness World Records alone should make you excited to visit this place. It is situated on Huli hill and used to be used as a headquarters for the locals to deal with the invasion.

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