Phillip Island Australia – See Phillip Island in 2021

The Best Phillip Island Australia – If you like beautiful beaches, penguins, and watching the world’s smallest penguins waddle their way across beautiful beaches, then go to Phillip Island.

Phillip Island Australia

Phillip Island Australia 

The Phillip Island Australia takes 1.5 hours to drive to Melbourne and is a nice day trip from the city. Phillips Island is home to the world’s smallest penguins and every evening they march along the beach, after a day of fishing, in what is known as the Penguin Parade. This is a great trip to do if you are interested in seeing Australia’s wildlife. Along the way, you can stop at Moonlit Sanctuary to feed kangaroos and have your picture taken with a koala bear.

Driving around Phillip Island Australia we see-saw lots of wild wallabies hip-hopping around. I feel bad for the poor person who was sitting beside me. I would get so excited every time I saw one that I would frantically tap their shoulder and whisper as if there was a risk of them hearing me and running off, look there’s another one!! You would think my enthusiasm would be reduced after seeing a dozen or so but you would be wrong.

Phillip Island Australia The main attraction on Phillip Island is the penguin parade but there are many other nice things to see as well. There is a beautiful coastline surrounding the island and many lovely beaches such as the one at Cape Woolamai.

Cape Woolamai Phillip Island

For a beautiful coastal view of the rugged south coast of Philip Island, I would recommend going to The Nobbies. From the boardwalks, you can look out into the water and enjoy the view.

The Nobbies Phillip Island The Nobbies Phillip Island


The Moonlit Sanctuary has all sorts of Australian wildlife and is a great place to stop along the way to Philip Island. While I was there I saw, for the first time in my life, a wombat, kangaroo, wallaby, koala bear, emu, and dingo. What I really loved about this place is that the wallabies and kangaroos are not in cages but roaming free and you can go up to them and feed them and pet them. It’s a great chance to get up close to them, and naturally, to get a selfie with a kangaroo.

I think I must have taken a hundred pictures just of kangaroos while I was there. There was even a mama kangaroo and you could see her baby’s head sticking out of the pouch. ADORABLE!

Feeding Kangaroos at The Moonlit Sanctuary Kangaroo with Baby Australia


The final stop on my trip was to see the penguin parade. There are two stands set up where people can sit to watch the show. As the sun begins to descend, penguins appear as if by magic on the beach. No penguins, you blink, and then boom penguins appear. They make their way, one wobble at a time, up the beach.

You can buy even some popcorn or jelly donuts to snack on while you enjoy the show. It happens at night so it’s quite dark and the penguins are small and mostly black and you are sitting back from the beach in the bleachers so it’s a bit hard to see them. I couldn’t see too much besides some little moving shapes on the beach.

There were even a couple of times when I was squinting and wondering is that a seagull or a penguin? You are not allowed to take any pictures, although many people seemed to do their best to try and get away with it. Overall the penguin parade was a bit disappointing, but I had a really nice day seeing and interacting with all the wildlife and checking out some fantastic beaches.

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