Things to Know Before You Go to Penang, Malaysia

Travel to Penang Island in Malaysia Wonderful Malaysia – During March, it’s a perfect time to visit Penang. Make sure that you plan around 4 days at least to explore the island and all its delights.

A wide range of religious and other events will be held during this time of year, from Kuan Yin’s Birthday, Cheng Beng (respect the dead), Thai Water Festival, Tamil New Year and more!

If any of these events are happening it will probably disrupt your holiday more than anything, as shopkeepers and others may close up to join in the fun.

Once you have chosen your hotel, the next thing that you will want to do is to plan how you will spend your time.

Penang Island in Malaysia

Planning your trip1. Food glorious food! 2. Sights and sounds.3. Shopping for bargains.

Food glorious food! For most Penangites, the best way to spend your day is to delight in the vast array of food available in Penang. Quite apart from the abundance of seafood that Penang enjoys, the islands’ cultures each contribute their own cuisine for your enjoyment.

Penang Island in Malaysia Travel to Penang Island

You will enjoy most the hawker food centres where trolleys gather in outdoor locations to prepare for delightful small and inexpensive dishes. Order from the vendor then pays when they bring it to your table. Don’t bargain with them, if it’s not the right price, go to the next vendor. Be adventurous and try as many different items. Don’t forget to indulge in some freshly squeezed fruit juice as well.

Sights and sounds. Penang is blessed with many places of worship from different cultures. You can enjoy visiting Chinese temples, Islamic mosques, a range of different Indian temples, and Christian churches. These are located mostly in downtown Georgetown, others that are not, you can reach easily via bus. The bus system is confusing, perhaps ask fellow travellers which bus to take.

Shopping for bargains. You will no doubt enjoy Penang’s shopping opportunities. You will find quality clothing at a very low price. You will also find fine jewellery at prices so low it will stagger you. For the computer literate, take home a copy of the computer game you always wanted to buy. For Penang souvenirs, purchase an item of Penang Pewter, and some batik from the Penang Batik Factory.

What about the people? In preparation for your trip, a large dose of cultural acclimatisation is recommended. Please find yourself a copy of one of Lat’s famous comic books. Lat addresses the funny side of the Malaysian lifestyle, and this will serve as a vaccination against possible culture shock on your arrival in Penang.

Lat’s Homepage

Travel to Penang Island in Malaysia Wonderful Malaysia in 2021

Penang’s historic buildings

VisitPenang.comFor further information please visit the author’s website. General Info Section

Penang is a beautiful island on the west coast of Malaysia. It’s largely a metropolitan location, rather than an idyllic tropical island. Often referred to as the “Pearl of the Orient”.

Visitors to Penang enjoy the people, the food, the historic districts and the shopping.

Quirky Facts Penang is one of Malaysia’s thirteen states, and it is made up of the island of Penang (Pulau Pinang) where its capital Georgetown is located, and part of the mainland. The port and the industrial area is known as Butterworth is located on the mainland. Penang’s population contains the highest proportion of ethnic Chinese in the country.

Penang was originally occupied by small fishing villages. The arrival of the British who intended to create a trading centre changed all that. Penang’s charm leads from the fact that it has not always been the centre of commerce, and thus many of its historic buildings remain. Penang Heritage Trust.

Travel to Penang Island in Malaysia waterfall malysia

Geography As a tourist you will be spending most of your time in Georgetown, the civic centre of Penang, or around Batu Ferringhi, the tourist and beach district. Georgetown is noted for its historic buildings, budget accommodation, shopping bargains and great food. Batu Ferringhi is well-loved for its luxurious hotel resorts, beach atmosphere, and night markets. Find a Penang Map

AccommodationBackpackers will tend to head towards Georgetown for the cheapest bargains. Lebuh Chulia (Chulia Street) is the best place to start looking. Business travellers will find excellent hotels in Georgetown. Most of the accommodation in the tourist district, Batu Ferringhi, is higher priced, but there are some cheaper alternatives. Find a Penang Hotel

TransportPenang International Airport is frequented by a number of airlines. Malaysian (MAS) will usually bring you in via KLIA (Kuala Lumpur), while Singaporean will fly direct from Singapore. Take a taxi (pre-purchase your taxi ticket) into town. You’ll find buses take you happily around the island. Don’t be tempted to get on a motorbike, you’ll be taking a big risk. Hire cars are a good option, but you might take some time to get used to the traffic. Taxis are notorious for overcharging.

Travel to Penang Island in Malaysia malacca-mosque-

MoneyYou’ll find currency exchange shops in Georgetown (usually run by ethnic Indians). Always bargain for shop-bought items, except food and low price goods. Pirated software, DVDs etc. are available usually at a standard price.

The AuthorWhile in Penang, Richard chooses to wear leather sandals purchased at the Victoria Market in his home town of Melbourne, Australia.

Penang’s climate suits him perfectly and is a cure for the notorious annoying Melbourne weather. Family connections ensure a regular return visit to his favourite destination.


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