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Explore Top Wine Regions of New Zealand (2)

Explore Top Wine Regions of New Zealand

Best New Zealand Wine Regions To Visit In 2022 – Hawke’s Bay is off the beaten path, so it may not be at the top of your destinations list as you tour the islands of New Zealand. The South Island’s Marlborough region has certainly earned more notoriety for its wine and scenery, (which should not be missed), but if you find yourself on the North Island keen for an excursion then give Hawke’s Bay a chance.

Start in Napier, the touted “Art Deco Capital of the World.” With palm tree-lined boulevards, the downtown will stir up notions of a much more quaint, yet kitschy Miami. The colorful and geometric storefronts evoke the glamour of the 1930s yet mixed with New Zealand’s rugged coast and laid-back vibe, the skyline seems like a fanciful and unexpected film set.

Best New Zealand Wine Regions To Visit

Best New Zealand Wine Regions

All its quirks aside, Napier has exceptional cafés to satiate the appetite you will have developed for the country’s mincemeat pies and mouthwatering Turkish lamb kebabs. Modern pubs and lounges abound for night owls and a quite enchanting promenade along the pebble beach stretches to the southern tip of Hawke’s Bay. The real draw here though is the local wine.

The vineyards surrounding Napier blanket the rolling terrain. Tucked between misty hilltops and rambling into the verdant distance these wineries are as picturesque as they are successful at producing quality wine. New Zealand’s serene vistas are only enhanced by the romance of the tangled grapevines, and quaint farmhouses and stables that house many of the wineries. It is a great place for a drive through the countryside, but while you are lucky enough to be enjoying such an unspoiled terrain, why not forsake convention and rent a bike for the day?

Go on an adventure with a packed lunch, bike helmet, and rudimentary map. Then add a few tastes of Sauvignon Blanc to the formula and you’ll be reminiscing about your offbeat wine tour with gusto, (and laughter), for years to follow. You wouldn’t think it possible, but the landscape becomes even more captivating from the perch atop your pedals. The wide sky, invigorating fresh air, and New Zealand’s exotic fauna chirping along the roadside all add to the excursion. The flat, easy roadway helps too!

 New Zealand Wine Regions

New Zealand Wine Regions

Hawke’s Bay’s wines are highly regarded by wine connoisseurs and the intricate flavors and original varietal blends speak to their own merit. The proprietors of the wineries will welcome you before you’ve clicked your kickstand down. In true Kiwi fashion, they are friendly, funny, and well versed as they guide you through their wine selection. Some offer delicious local cheeses, full-service restaurants, and unique souvenirs. You might find yourself in a woolshed lined with wine bottles, face to face with the winemaker himself. Ngatarawa, Trinity Hill, Alpha Domus, and Sileni Estates are just a few of the vineyards you can visit along your ride, all offering impressive hospitality and quality wine.

Send your favorite vintages home and reminisce over your escapades in Hawke’s Bay with a glass of the familiar wine. The memory of your visit will keep a smile on your face long past the last bottle.

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