Reveals The Mystery Of Blood Falls

Mystery of Blood Falls -Images captured by the Antarctic geologist, Thomas Griffith Taylor in 1911 are staggering. There is a red line that similar to blood, that flows from the snow plains and forms stairs.

Blood falls – Flickr

Mystery of Blood Falls

Mystery of Blood Falls -The color so contrasting with the pure white snow. From the top, the red stream disembogues into the frozen Bonney river. Terraced like a waterfall, the flow was named Taylor Glacier, according to the name of the inventor. The resident around that place also knows it as the “Blood Falls“.

Since then, the glaciologist and microbiology having research to finding out the emergence of this mysterious red flow. At first, the red color predicted came from algae. And also, it concluded that there was an underground lake that full of iron content. Thus, the water of the lake becomes red.

Blood falls Antarctica Taylor Glacier in Antarctica

Year after year, this unique phenomenon continues. Many studies have been done to answer the curiosity. According to the last group of scientists who go there, there are microorganisms living approximately 1,300 feet beneath the ice. Their life is sustained by the availability of iron and sulfur in the water.

Microorganism Living in Blood Falls

Quoting the Atlas Obscura, an ancient microorganism was trapped under a thick layer of ice over many years. According to them, it was a similar layer of natural time capsule. Then they got developed themselves, without getting light or sunlight.

The iron finally saves them and also makes the red water. Then, there is a crack in the glacier that allows the red water to seep out. The flow of snow down the land, forming a small red blood waterfall.

Mystery of Blood Falls -Not only the color contrast that makes it a unique phenomenon. The existence of Blood Falls also proves the ability to live things to survive in the most extreme point.

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