Museum Of Science And Industry – For those who live in the Midwest, U.S., the museum became a major tourist destination. Chicago, Illinois has some world’s famous museums. If you live near ‘The Windy City, you are lucky enough and have a chance to visit these museums. But for those who come from outside the area, you should plan sometime earlier.

You need to know the information about each museum, ranging from its uniqueness, its history, and what it has to offer. What you need to watch is, do not plan a visit to the museum in time for one day. Therefore, visiting a museum in Chicago could spend a full day, because of the various attractions that offered.

The Best Museum In Chicago

Here are the 8 best museums in Chicago with their information.

Shedd Aquarium Museum Of Science And Industry


Museum Of Science And Industry – One Of The Best Museum In Chicago – This place became one of the most popular destinations in Chicago because of its cultural attraction. A museum with a huge aquarium tank become the most visited in the entire U.S. and can be called the greatest.

Shedd Aquarium is also home to the Adler Planetarium and the Field Museum. There is so much to display at the Shedd Aquarium, such as the Amazon River exhibit, the Oceanarium, and the Wild Reef exhibit.

Shedd Aquarium sometimes gives free entry on certain days. So plan your visit as well as possible for the free day. There are also many other museums in Chicago that offer free promos, so look it carefully.

Art Institute of Chicago

Art Institute of Chicago

Museum Of Science And Industry – One Of The Best Museum In Chicago – Art Institue of Chicago located not far from the Shedd Aquarium, which is in Grant Park. But, the Art Institute of Chicago is not a part of the Museum Campus section of the park. This museum is actually located on Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago exactly. What makes the Art Institute special is, this place is not just a museum, but also an art school.

There are so many collections to display, but what makes this museum become famous is collections of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art. Other exhibits in the museum such as European and Americadecorating art, distinctive artwork of Native Americans, and Asian artwork. The museum has a collection of 260,000 pieces of art and becomes the second largest museum in America.

One of the famous art is six paintings Haystack the creation of Claude Monet and some of his Water Lilies paintings. There are also displayed other works of art such as, At the Moulin Rouge by Toulouse-Lautrec, American Gothic by Grant Wood, Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Seurat, Paris Street; Rainy Day by Caillebotte. There was also some artwork made ​​by Paul Cézanne, Edgar Degas, Paul Gauguin, Van Gogh, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Museum of Science and Industry

Art Institute of Chicago visit

The Museum of Science and Industry was established in a place formerly known as the Palace of Fine Arts. This museum became the largest in the Western Hemisphere. The museum has an extensive collection on display. Among them were the Real German Submarine which is the second world war spoils, coal mine, the Pioneer Zephyr train diesel, NASA space shuttle missions that used in Apolo 8, and railroad models which are very large.

One of the famous collections in the Museum Of Science And Industry is Yesterday’s Mainstreet, which describes the atmosphere of Chicago city in the 1900s. This collection consists of many miniatures a vintage stores in Chicago. The visitors can also look into the miniature store to see what items being sold. There is also the cobblestone street in the Museum Of Science And Industry that has a replica of hydrant and the street lights are like real. Additionally, there is a movie theater and ice cream shop so visitors can enjoy while walking down Yesterday’s Mainstreet.

Other collections namely, Body Slices, which is a replica of human body pieces that allow visitors to find out the organs of the human body. Some of the newly built exhibition objects ie, vapor tornado, tesla coil, tsunami tank, and much more.

Adler Planetarium

Adler Planetarium

Adler Planetarium became the first planetarium built in the Western Hemisphere. The museum is located on Northerly Island, which was built in 1930 and the building design won a gold medal from the American Institute of Architects. The building was then known as the National Historic Landmark.

This planetarium has three theaters where visitors can enjoy the beautiful sky show. Children can also learn a lot about the solar system because there is a collection of Planet Explorers. If you want to know about the Milky Way Galaxy, there is The Galaxy Wall exhibit. The story of the Americans who set out to explore space available at the Shoot for the Moon exhibit.

The Field Museum

The Field Museum (1)

Museum Of Science And Industry – The museum is actually built at the Columbian Exposition’s Palace of Fine Arts in 1893. Then moved to the Museum Campus in Grant Park in 1921.

Sue the famous collection, is a Tyrannosaurus largest framework and the most complete that ever found. The museum is also famous for its large collection of Human Anthropology consisting of artifacts from Tibet, the Pacific Northwest, and Ancient Egypt.

The Grainger Hall of Gems exhibiting a large collection of diamonds and gemstones from around the world and also Chinese artifacts that more than 8000 years old. There is also a collection of 23 human mummies from Ancient Egypt along with the tomb and the hieroglyphs of 5000 years old.

DuSable Museum of African American History

DuSable Museum of African (

DuSable Museum of African American History become the first museum history of Africa America, culture, and art which constructed in 1961. When the museum first opened, it’s immediately attracted the attention of many social activists. This museum often held fundraising activities. In 1973, the Chicago Park District donated a building in Washington Park to expand the museum.

The most popular exhibits at the DuSable Museum as, the evidence of Africans in Mexico that shows the contribution of Africans in Mexico culture. Visitors can also learn the history of the Civil Rights Movement 1848 to 1968 and also Harold Washington’s story that reveals the history of the first African American mayor of Chicago.

Chicago History Museum is a Museum Of Science And Industry

Chicago History Museum (1)

Its location is in Lincoln Park and was originally named the Chicago Historical Society and later changed to The Chicago History Museum in 2006. The museum which built-in 1856, many of his first collections damaged by fire in 1871. One of the historic collections that lost is the original manuscript of the Emancipation Proclamation signed by Abraham Lincoln.

After the fire, the Chicago Historical Society began collecting back the lost collections and unfortunately hit again by fire in 1874.

The exhibit at the Chicago History Museum such as, the first public transport car that operates using a system of ‘ L ‘, there is also Pioneer which was the first locomotive that used in Chicago. The museum also received a postcard collection on the history of Chicago from Chicago Postcard Museum.

Polish Museum of America


Museum Of Science And Industry – Its location is in the West Town neighborhood, the historic Polish area. Around the museum, visitors can find many Polish shops. This museum was the oldest ethnic museum in the United States as a tribute to the Polish people who call Chicago their home.

Poles make the largest ethnic community in Chicago that makes this city the highest Polish population in addition to Plandia itself.

The museum exhibits various types of collections, among others like Polish artwork, folk costumes, and artifacts. Each year, the Polish Museum of America held many special events and activities that aim to share the history and culture of Poland.


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