7 Secrets of The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom Walt Disney – 7 Secrets To Know – Creating the perfect Disney World is a dream of Walt Disney. He wanted to create a tangible manifestation of the world of Disney. But unfortunately, the construction of the Magic Kingdom Walt Disney can be realized in 1967, after he passed away.

Visited more than 16 million visitors in 2006, The Walt Disney Magic Kingdom theme park become loved by many people, especially those who are on vacation with the family. Some are in the Magic Kingdom Walt Disney such as water parks, shopping areas, and several resorts. Underneath, the Magic Kingdom Walt Disney keeps some secrets that are rarely known. Include the following:

Magic Kingdom Walt Disney Secret

Magic Kingdom Walt Disney

1.The first park that was opened in Walt Disney World is the Magic Kingdom Park, on the date of October 1, 1971

2. The concept took from Disneyland California. When visitors entering Main Street Park, what’s so dominating is Cinderella’s Castle. Disney uses a special technique to create the illusion of visitor perceptions. When viewed closely, the second and third floors of the castle were not exactly the full size. Cinderella’s palace which is 189 feet high looks taller because of adjusting to the design of the building on Main Street and also the design of the castle itself.

Disney magic kingdom – Macig Kingdom Walt Disney

3. When opening in 1971, Disney actually want to reduce the number of crowds. Learn from the difficulties encountered when the opening of Disneyland, they wanted to correct everything in detail to prevent technical errors when the visitors come. This is the reason why they chose to do the opening of Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom in October. Even, the official opening ceremony and media event have to be postponed until everything is perfect as possible.

4. Just below the Walt Disney Magic Kingdom, there is a very large network of tunnels known as Utilidors. Walt Disney was really angry when he saw Frontierland Cowboy walking through Tomorrowland. In order to Disney World Park look perfect, all activities undertaken by the crew have to be unknown for visitors, so the utilidors made. Then, the guests do not know how all the rides and activities at Walt Disney Magic Kindom be done.

Magic world

Utilidors Magic Kingdom Map – Magic Kingdom Walt Disney

5. When Magic Kingdom Park opened, there is also the opening of two Disney-owned resort hotels. It was the Disney Contemporary Resort and Disney’s Polynesian Resort. The guests were amazed to see the Disney World monorail actually walk through the lobby of Contemporary Resort.

6. When the opening day, the admission of Disney World‘s Magic Kingdom was $4.95. Now the price is $106 ( 2014 ).

7. It is difficult to get a table at Cinderella’s Royal Table at the restaurant in Cinderella Castle. Its reservations opened 180 days in advance and sold out in just a few minutes.

Hope the article above about the secrets of Magic Kingdom Walt Disney can increase your information about Disney’s Theme Park.


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