London Facts – Interesting Facts and Rarely Unknown History

Interesting Facts About London – London is the capital of the United Kingdom and became a really popular tourist spot. London became home to many famous British landmarks such as the Globe Theatre, Big Ben, and the Tower of London.

As a reference for your holidays to London, here are some interesting London Facts that you may not know so far.

Interesting Facts About London -During World War II, the Germans dropped bombs that killed at least 30,000 London residents and destroyed several houses and buildings. And this is not the last event experienced by London which linked to bombings travel to london

Known, the IRA group ever bombing and make some terror against the residents of London. The IRA Terror stopped in 1997 due to a cease-fire. However, the bombings resumed in 2005. And the terror events are known to be done by radical Islamic groups.

Museum and Art Gallery in London is the best in the UK. One of them is the Tate Modern which is located at the Bankside Power Station. The gallery was first opened to the public in 2000. The collections displayed include the creation of Warhol, Peter Blake, and Picasso. There are also other exhibits, that you can visit for free.

London shops – London facts london

Interesting Facts About London -Shopping in the City of London can be a necessity. The city offers a variety of well-known fashion products, one of them is Harrods and Hamleys. For shopping, you can also visit Camden Town. This place becomes an alternative place to shop by selling a wide variety of trinkets. Starting from vintage dress to CDs. Later in Knightsbridge, often held exhibitions with famous products that can usually be used among the elite.

The atmosphere and culture in London arguably were amazing. Ranging from traditional stores to VIP nightclubs and cocktail bars. You can get everything when visiting London. One of the famous nightclubs is Embassy. With the very expensive of its member’s cost, a club is a favorite place for celebrities and sports stars.

That’s some part of London facts that interesting to know. If you have any additional London facts, say them in the comment area below.


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