Brazilian Fashion  What do People Wear in Brazil?

The Best of Fashion in Brazil South America – Brazil fashion establishes itself in the world as an inevitable reference today. Especially since Gisèle Bündchen, the best paid Brazilian supermodel in the world offers with her magnificent arguments to carry high the banner made in Brazil!

Penelope-cruzLady Gaga, Nicole Kidman, Sharon Stone, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Sting, Karl Lazarsfeld. We no longer count on stars that are crazy about Latina fashion!

Fashion in Brazil  – Can 100 % of Brazilian brands, dream about better ambassadors than Sting, Penelope Cruz, Madonna to wear their creations during this high mass of worldwide fashion?Best of Fashion in Brazil South America

Katy-perry when the beautiful Katy Perry was photographed by wearing a flashy pair of plastic shoes from Mélissa, that some days later, after Vivienne Westwood, Gareth Pugh and Jason Wu, Karl Lagerfeld suggest to draw four new models and on top of that, these shoes are sold at prices that waver between only 30 to 130 euros the pair; we can say without fear that this brand is promised with a bright future!

bikiniFashion in Brazil

bikini-1Other Fashion in Brazil accomplishment known worldwide: the bikini! Glamour textile industry par excellence. The Brazil fashion designer Lenny Niemeyer, the founder of Leni’s brand, managed to change the Brazilian bikini into a less vulgar one-piece, smarter but accessible to all.

Fashion in Brazil  – Today, she sells about 40 000 bikinis from her carioca shop on the seafront. Her stroke of genius, beyond her huge talent of the designer, was to have sent as a gift one of her creations to a Nicole Kidman who was delighted to be photographed to her advantage.

Gisele-bundchenAnother international 100 % Brazilian candidate and not the least: Gisèle Bündchen in person, the most desired top Brazilian supermodels in the world. For several years, her eponymous mark had a brilliant success.

She is undoubtedly the best ambassador to emphasize the center of her creation on a line of luscious underwear, beach footwear, and other accessories.

And who is much better than her to have a network of friends more beautiful and international to help her win the glamorous world?

Fernanda Brazil fashion

fernanda3At some point, however, Brazilian fashion was only a vast copy-paste of what was made elsewhere.

We have to admit that today fashion designers develop their own ideas and knew how to develop a line in their creations that differentiate them clearly from European or American fashion designers.

Also, the delight of the city of Rio of Janeiro and its mythical places of strolling, either the Ipanema beach or the Copacabana beach are more and more used to display, under a tropical sky, the glamour of Brazilian creations. Like music and art, fashion is about to become a cultural heritage in Brazil.

Desfile-Osklen Best Fashion in Brazil

Fashion in Brazil  – Desfile-Osklen-Coutinho-Sao-Paulo-Fashion-Week-Junho-2011Brazil did not have to force its talent to become the destination of new tendencies. And using the folklore of the country proved to be a profitable strategy for Brazilian marks. As much as the economic impact of this new craze is taken very seriously!

Brazil fashion industry, it is not less than 2 million persons that work in the textile industry. If we add all people jobs employed in jewelry creation, bags, footwear, and other accessories, we understand better to what extent fashion is pampered by public powers, delighted to make this strategic sector a new jewel of its national industry.

Sao-Paolo Sao-Paolo brazil fashion

Sao-Paolo-fashion-week-laranjaTo persuades them of the Brazilian craze in the sector of fashion, it only takes one to go far away from the glitters of Copacabana beach, in São Cristovão area, to Rio of Janeiro.

Fashion in Brazil  For 20 years, it is an area in full economic expansion. They listed more than 300 firms of textile industries there. It is in this area loaded with history that they will inaugurate in 2014 the future museum of fashion, called to become an important place for meetings, exhibitions, and fashion shows.

Neymar-bogosseIn 2014, the city of Rio of Janeiro is getting ready for the final World Cup of football. According to economists, it is also in 2014 that Brazil will supplant France and will become the fifth economic power on the planet.

Fashion in Brazil  – And in the world of fashion, is Rio de Janeiro going to supplant Paris? There remains a lot to do, but we can already throw bets! And believe it, Brazilians do not have any doubt and as good Americans, they are genetically persuaded that time has finally come for them to supplant old Europe.

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