The world’s Most Expensive Countries To live in 2022

Most Expensive Countries in the World -As someone who lives in the UK and frequently hears complaints from friends who come to visit from abroad about the cost of living here, I wondered just how expensive my country really is. People normally complain about two things – firstly, the cost of flights to London and secondly the cost of living when you actually get here. And it is certainly true that areas like London can be expensive when you only head to tourist destinations. But after looking at some of the costs of living in the following five countries I don’t feel quite so bad! If you’re planning a long holiday or even a move abroad and money is tight, you might want to think very carefully about these countries:

Japan Most Expensive Countries in the World

Japan Expensive Countries in the World consistently topped the list of the most expensive countries in the world to live in. As an example, if you’re thinking of purchasing a 3-bedroom unit in Tokyo’s suburbs, then be prepared to shell out around $850,000. If you want cheaper real estate, you can still get a small apartment that measures 750 square ft. for a mere $380,000! When it comes to food, you can pay as much as $50 for watermelon, and if you order a medium pizza from Domino’s it will only set you back about $25! Gas prices aren’t much better. A gallon will cost you $3.84. It is perhaps no surprise then that a lot of people opt for using their bicycles. Lastly, if you’re a golf fanatic, think about this – For a round of golf, you will have to pay almost $1500.


South Korea

Expensive Countries in the World – Thinking about a trip to South Korea? Might want to think again! Surprisingly, the second most expensive country in the world to live in or to visit is South Korea. You’ll find yourself having to pay a monthly rent of $2500 for a studio apartment here and the hotels aren’t much cheaper. If you want to rent a larger apartment or a house you will be looking at up to $14,000 monthly. Amazingly, gas prices are even higher than Japan’s because gasoline costs around $4.71 in Seoul. Though housing and holiday lets are so expensive there are cheaper elements in South Korea – electronics for example are quite cheap here and there are a lot of reasonably priced food options around if you know where to look. The main problem is that the average citizen only earns about $16,000 per year which adds up to approximately $1300 monthly. This imbalance in terms of its relation to housing costs makes South Korea number two on the list.

south coria


Russia is another surprise entry on the expensive destinations list. Perhaps it should be no surprise as you cannot turn a corner in London these days without bumping into a Russian oligarch! Similar to Japan and South Korea, hotels and apartments are a massively expensive concern in the big cities of this country. If you’re looking for a four-bedroom dwelling approximately 10 kilometers away from Moscow, you will have to pay about $730,000! When you think that the average Russian citizen still only makes $300 monthly in take-home pay, this figure is almost unbelievable. Indeed most Russians live in housing that they have inherited and have been passed down since the end of communism. With that in mind, there is some good news – fortunately, gasoline and food are more affordable in this country. A dozen eggs only cost $.65 and you can purchase a gallon of gasoline for two dollars.



Coming in at number four, Taiwan is a famously expensive country to visit or live in. The cost of living in Taiwan is comparable to the cost of living in New York. However, the difference for local people is that the GDP in Taiwan per capita is only $29,000. If you want to get an alcoholic beverage at a bar, it will cost about eight dollars and about $28 for dinner at an average restaurant. To rent a studio apartment will set only you back about $500, but if you factor in the GDP of the locals, that still works out quite expensive, comparatively speaking.


Norway Most Expensive Countries in the World

Number five on the list is Norway. Most of the income that a Norwegian earn goes into housing costs and if you head there on holiday be prepared to shell out a lot of money on hotels and sundries. The average family in Norway pays about $1400 for their monthly groceries. Dinner at a cheap restaurant would be about $30 per person and it costs between $15 and $20 just to see a movie. The price of gasoline in Norway is $6.27 a gallon and a cheap hotel room in a three-star hotel would be approximately $130 per night. Nevertheless, wages are quite high in this country to help offset the high cost of living and health care is free and of a high standard, as is the welfare is offered to those who really need it.


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