Must-Visit Attractions in Danang Vietnam

Da Nang Tourist Attractions Best Places to visit in Da Nang

Da Nang Tourist Attractions Best Places to visit in Da Nang 2021 – DanangtourtravelTraveling can be a riveting experience for people looking to break the monotony of their busy schedules. Danang Travel provides the perfect opportunity for people looking to explore the wilderness of nature. With historical significance and many heritage sites in the vicinity, Da Nang is fast becoming a popular tourist destination in Asia. Among various World Heritage Sites in Vietnam such as My Son Sanctuary, Hoi An Ancient Town, and few others, limestone caves in Phong Nha that are formed over millions of years of depositions should not be missed.

Da Nang Tourist Attractions Best Places to visit in Da Nang


Vietnam has a rich history with a vast cultural past. The original inhabitants are Cham people who created the Cham kingdom known for its majestic development plan and architecture. Da Nang is an ancient land and many festivals are celebrated by the inhabitants of the land. Da Nang is a port city and the Ca Ong festival or the whale festival is one of the most important festivals for the fisherman community. The festival takes place for two days every year. On the first night of the festival, villagers place significant objects on the table to pray for peace and harmony. During the festivities, all the boats and ships are anchored to the port.

Some of the historical monuments constructed in Da Nang are:

Museum of Cham sculpture

Da Nang Tourist Attractions Best Places to visit in Da Nang – Built in 1915, the museum of Cham sculpture was earlier known as the Cham museum. The museum has a collection of around 450 works displayed which describe the historical significance of the place.

Da Nang Tourist Attractions Best Places to visit in Da Nang 2021da-nang

Pho Da Pagoda

Location of the School of Basic Buddhism Study, many ancient artifacts and Buddhist relics are placed at Pho Da Pagoda. Many Buddhist monks and nuns have been trained at this place.

Linh Ung Pagoda

Da Nang Tourist Attractions Best Places to visit in Da Nang 2021

Rebuild in 1970 with the help of Buddhist monks. Linh Ung with white stone statues of the Arahants offers a serene sightseeing option for travelers.
Planning a trip is not an easy task. From calculating expenses to booking hotels or managing time it can take a toll on the human mind and if not planned properly things can go haywire. Danang travel provides various tour options for people looking to explore the land.

Based on a schedule and budget you can easily choose from various tour packages available on the official website. Adventure sports enthusiasts can also get the best out of packages available with options for biking, hiking, and trekking. If planning to book tickets and hotel rooms well in advance you can simply log onto the website of Danang travels and fill the trip planner form choosing a suitable date and accommodation according to your liking.

The rigors of our daily lives are such that at some point in our lives the majority of us have wanted to leave everything behind and explore the unearthed lands of our world. Nature provides an environment of peace and calm through which we can connect with our inner selves. Danang Travel comprises everything that travelers look out for. Historical significance, rich cultural past, green pastures, open lands, temples, beach, places to explore, limestone caves, graphite statues, and the list goes on and on.


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