Why is the Amazon rainforest important

Popular and Biggest Rainforests in the World – The Amazon forest is colloquial to her eponymous river that smashes all the records. Indeed, the Amazon river is one of the world’s longest and arguably the most powerful.

Amazon-river-flowing-through-the-Amazon-rainforest with its thousand tributaries, the flow is greater than the combined efforts of Congo, Nile, Mississippi, Mekong, Yangtze, and more…

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From Miami Mount (towards Arequipa, Peru) where it rises until its huge mouth on the outskirts of Belem, it changes name at every bend. During its long journey of about 6500 km, it is called Ene, Tambo, Ucayali, Solimões, and Amazonas.


Amazon, the biggest rainforest of the world


AMF-CCS-CEFE-04-8683-redi-rogneeThe Amazon forest, which nourishes itself from this gigantic artery spread through nine countries (French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, and of course, Brazil) and covers about 6 million km², equivalent to 14 times the State of California or 11 times that of France.

arvo-MognoThis space is between 55 and 60% of tropical forests that remain on our planet; so although even from one side to the other, huge tropical forests of Africa and Indonesia are struggling to cover partly half of this forest.
The Brazilian Amazon called “legal” stretches out through approximately 5 million km². 80% of this area is part of a specific rainforest ecosystem.
Also, from east to west, the width of the Brazilian Amazon alone is far more important than the width of the Atlantic Ocean dividing Africa from the Brazilian continent.

Paysages-038-red amazon forest is the heart of environmental concerns of the world for thirty years. The new political ecology is considered as the planet’s lungs, absolutely necessary for the recycling of generated pollution by our consumerist society.
deforestation In addition to being relatively inaccurate, this old argument would allow large capitalist interests to criminalize the poor countries (deforestation) in climate change that we were just about to tackle (and many multinationals are still pretending to ignore).

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arbre-magnifiqueToday, when we look at this rainforest, it has changed somehow: Instead of celebrating limited virtues of photosynthesis, we look much more at the Amazon forest as a carbon field that we would be wise to leave untouched.
The main wealth celebrated today, will be the incredible diversity of functional and natural ecosystems that inhabit this forest and which we watch the transformations as a result of different climate change as if it was a real open-air laboratory.
Photo-Guyane-337-rediStrengthened by these findings began the observation and collaborations with Amazonian tribes, scientists began to review some concepts that were haunting imaginations for centuries.

Biggest Rainforests in the World – For example, recent progress in forest archaeology combined with a better skill of Indian agricultural systems calls totally into question the concept of “primary forest” or that, in-store, the “jungle”.

A-family-Botocudos-Indians-crossing-a-river indeed, although still rudimentary, forest archaeology discovered remains of human presence almost everywhere (we find again plenty of set of tools made out of stone very characteristic).

 Biggest Rainforests in the World waterfalls

At the same time, we have just begun to notice the subtlety of Indian agricultural systems. The changes that they operate at the margin of the natural environment to make it richer in plant species were imperceptible not so long ago and still would be if Indians did not show us how to identify them.

Paysages-047-redo what emerges from this new reading grid is that the Amazon rainforest, even “simplistic thinking” appears increasingly to scientists as a constructed space.

Recent studies show that on Brazil nut there is a complete correlation between the presence of humans and large chestnut. To be clearer: it is not a question of plantations but a symbiosis between human presence and the fact of privileging the growth of this tree.

This symbiosis is the result of indigenous peoples’ intelligence and the care they provide to free few necessary spaces for the development of some trees. It is most often a simple gesture, to reposition a seed so that it can develop more easily.

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