5 Big Tourist Attractions in Australia

Best Tourist Attractions in Australia 2021 – Australia is the fifth largest country in the world and the smallest and driest continent. It is also the lowest stretch of flat land. The largest part of its vast unknown has been tamed, and the deserts do not look so wild anymore. The continent is a beautiful paradise, filled with deserts, tropical forests, mountains, an abundance of plants, and unique animals like the Koala bear and the Kangaroo. The main attractions consist of a series of national parks, lush forests, museums, and galleries.

5: Blue Mountains National Park Blue Mountains National Park

Blue Mountains National Park Best Tourist Attractions in Australia
National parks are probably the best tourist attractions in Australia. One such park is the Blue Mountain Reserve, which is situated 81 kilometers West of Sydney, in the New South Wales region. Geographically the park is located in an area of high plateaus which are crossed by numerous rivers and valleys. The highest mountain in the area is Mount Wrong, which is also an interesting destination for hikers.

4: Fraser Island Fraser Island

Fraser Island Best Tourist Attractions in Australia 2021
If you are looking for natural tourist attractions in Australia, you should definitely visit Fraser Island. It is the biggest sand island in the world, situated on the eastern coast in the state of Queensland. It is also part of the UNESCO Patrimony. The relief of the island has many by sweet water lakes, colored sandstones, a rich tropical forest, rivers, and white sandy beaches.

3: Sydney Opera Sydney Opera

Sydney Opera House Best Tourist Attractions in Australia
The Sydney Opera House, built near the promontory of Bennelong has become the symbol of the city and one of the most popular attractions in Australia. Every year, the country is visited by art lovers, who come specially to visit this unique monument. The structure was designed by the Danish architect Jorn Utzon, and it is built in a modernist style. It contains six auditoriums that house operas, theaters, and ballet shows. There is also an open-air amphitheater for outdoor representations.

2:The Great Coral Reefcoral-

The Great Coral Reef Best Tourist Attractions in Australia
The great coral reef is the most famous marine protected area, and it is part of the UNESCO Patrimony. It stretches over 2300 kilometers across the northeastern coastline, from Bundanber to Cap York. The Great Coral Reef Barrier is the largest coral reef system in the world, which houses over 400 different types of corals, 1500 species of fish, and 4000 species of mollusks.

1: Tasmania shipwreck-

Tasmania Australia
Tasmania is the smallest state of Australia, situated on an island with the same name. It is separated from the mainland by the Bass Strait. It is formed mainly by pristine landscapes, abandoned beaches, mountains, and 17 national parks. It is one of the best attractions in Australia for intrepid travelers. If you are the kind of person who likes being in touch with nature you should know that Tasmania is well known for its extremely clean atmosphere. There is something for anyone here. In the regions of the central plateaus, there are hundreds of lakes, the forests are home to many species of animals and the forgotten beaches have a mystical feel.

One of the biggest attractions is the feeling of total isolation. In Australia, it is very easy to find an abandoned beach or an isolated corner in the woods. Water sports are extremely popular, and for those of you who are in love with nature, Australia is the best choice for your next vacation.

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