By | February 4, 2022
Best Times To Visit Bali

The Awesomeness of Traveling to Bali

Best Times To Visit Bali In 2022 – Out of all of the places I have visited throughout my lifetime, one of the most amazing destinations in Bali. There are literally a ton of words that I can use to describe Bali. Although that may be true, the one word that best sums up my visit to Bali is magical. When I was there, after coming across many spectacular beaches and breathtaking mountain scenery, I quickly realized why Bali holds the title as the most famous island in Indonesia. Apart from that, this island is geographically small, but by its being culturally immense, I was able to meet a lot of visitors from all over the world.

Best Times To Visit Bali In 2022

Best Times To Visit Bali in 2022

Bali’s combination of earlier animist beliefs with Buddhism and Hinduism pervaded every aspect of everyday life. One side of Bali that I truly can say I fell in love with and respected instantly is its passion for the arts. By witnessing the performing arts of Balinese in different villages, it was very clear as to why artists and students of different cultures visit Bali religiously.

When it came to taking my Bali visit to new heights, the vibrant culture, first-class resorts, and the warm friendly nature of the locals unquestionably put me on the fast track of accomplishing that set goal. The island of Bali, also known as the “Land of the Gods” really blew my mind when I witnessed the natural sheer beauty of the volcanoes and the rice fields that exuded serenity and peace. Among the list of things that stood out the most, from its arts and crafts, nightlife to beautifully unique dances performed in various ceremonies, Bali is definitely a crowd pleaser and one of my personal favorite destinations to visit.

Apart from the things that stood out the most to me, the island of Bali is loaded with a lot of treats that are capable of satisfying any visitor. From inspirational spirituality, meeting experiences, fine dining to world-class surfing and diving to treks in the wild, when I say Bali is loaded with treats, then you best to believe that is what I mean. In addition to that, you will more than likely come across a lot of intricately carved temples everywhere you go. This island may be relatively small but the one thing that is unarguable is the fact that it is the home of many surprises.

Best Times To Visit Bali

Visit Bali

As the years continue to pile up, and both locals and visitors come and go, Bali has managed and will continue to amaze its inhabitants for years to come. The previous statement is indeed my opinion, but judging from the decades of ruling in popularity, it most certainly will fall within the category of fun facts. Another fun fact I learned is to always visit Bali without any restrictions. This strictly means to come prepared to get involved in anything from shopping, lounging on the beach, surfing the waves of Dreamland, Uluwatu, and Kuta to falling in love with the natural beauty of mountains and lakes at Kintamani, Batur or Lake Beratan, Bedugul.

The Bali Villas are treats of their own. When it came to deciding my place of stay, that was the only struggle of choice I experienced. The island of Bali has a lot of private Bali villas that come equipped with a swimming pool, semi-open living environment, sun-deck, and a lot of other luxury features.

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