5 Cool Things to do in Tel Aviv, Israel

The 5 Best Things to Do in Tel Aviv  – If you’re taking a trip to Tel Aviv anytime soon, you should know what to do there. What is there to see? It is one of the most popular destinations in Israel, so there are a lot of sites to see in Tel Aviv. It is world-famous for its modern city view and welcoming atmosphere. You can catch a glimpse of Israel’s second-largest city at night. Stroll around and you will come across so many different things, from coffee shops, food stalls, and others. There is a lot to learn as well like you might be interested in speaking the local language.

5 Best Things to Do in Tel Aviv


Ask your tour guide or befriend one of the locals to find out more. It is hot in this city, so outdoor fun is definitely a must as you arrive here. What is the major draw? It has some iconic sites, so make sure you know the most sought-after sites to see in Tel Aviv. This way, you wouldn’t miss the most important ones. Start with exploring the neighborhoods. You can enter the boutiques to find some interesting clothes. There are many vendors selling different stuff, including handmade crafts. You can buy some for friends and family at home.

The Yarkon Park

The Yarkon Park

Best Things to Do in Tel Aviv -The Yarkon Park stretches along the Yarkon River. So basically, this area is so vast to explore. And the best part is there are many spots inside the park. It feels so calm like you would not believe that a few kilometers from that is actually the center of the city. The rock garden is also unique in its own way. It provides a geological diversity to the city and here you will be introduced to a variety of rocks. It is more than just limestone or granite. There are many other stunning rocks than these two.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art is one of the most popular sites to see in Tel Aviv. It stores a huge collection of items. Not only is it the largest in the city, but it is also the oldest because it was built in 1932. Visitors can see closely a collection of crafts made by international and local artists, like Archipenko, Kadinsky, Picasso, Klimt, Chagall, Dali, and other names that you may easily recognize if you are into art. It now has a new wing and it was inaugurated in 2011. The new construction looks sophisticated with its interlocking concrete panels.

Best Things to Do in Tel Aviv Old Jaffa Port

Tel Aviv Old Jaffa Port

We know that there are many sites to see in Tel Aviv. The Old Jaffa Port is one of those iconic sites. It may not represent the present day. It is more like an ancient icon, most notably for its title as one of the world’s oldest ports. You will be surprised by how strategic this port is located. It was one of the most important, but there have been two new ports in the city. They are built for similar purposes, but the new ones are mostly needed for accommodating modern-day shipping methods. It is still very popular among the locals and foreigners. Expect to see fishermen dragging up their catch and doing their tradition.

Best Things to Do in Tel Aviv Tel Aviv Promenade

Tel Aviv Tel Aviv Promenade

As one of the best sites to see in Tel Aviv, we do not want you to miss this one. The hustle and bustle of the city continue here. It is a perfect place to reside with its refreshing environment. The backdrop of the sea would easily turn into a captivating background for your selfies. There are also a bunch of restaurants and cafes in the vicinity. They offer decent foods and spaces for you to have fun. Best Things to Do in Tel Aviv.

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