5 Top Things To Do In Spain For An Incredible Holiday In 2021

Best Things to Do in Spain – Spain attractions are aplenty. The country is blessed with amazing things to offer both local and international travelers. The combination of activities that the country offers will certainly mean that as a tourist, you’re likely to stay engaged throughout your summer trip. One thing is certainly for sure, you can never run short of things to do in Spain or places to visit in Spain. These are some of the must-see and must-do things for the summer holidays in the Catalan nation.

5 Go for tapas tapas sapain

Best Things to Do in Spain Tapas
Tapas are in no way a type of food but a way of eating. Tapas are one of the most celebrated cuisines in Spain. Go on an adventure from bar to bar trying out before settling on that which is the best bar for you. Make your way down to Granada to enjoy free tapas that accompanies every drink you buy. It is known throughout Spain that Andalusia, Granada is the home of free tapas. Other cities that are known to offer free tapas include; Madrid and Barcelona. If you are in Basque Pintxos, do not ask for tapas and they usually refer to it as ‘pintxos’.

4 Visit the Alhambra cannon-

Best Things to Do in Spain Alhambra
The Alhambra is without a doubt one of the most amazing places to visit in Spain. The giant fortress is situated in Andalusia, Granada. The UNESCO World Heritage Site boasts of having the exotic Palacios Nazaries which acts as the main highlight to the visitors who comes visiting. The Alcazaba offers visitors a wonderful scenic view of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The gardens in the palace are very colorful offering you a serene view that you can enjoy with your spouse or family.

3 Party in Madrid stadium-

Best Things to Do in Spain Madrid
The nightlife in Catalonian city is splendid. Madrilenos are often been associated with their vibrant spirit when it comes to partying. They like partying throughout the night and still manage to make it home for breakfast. If you are into the nightlife, then it’s best you carry your dancing shoes as you head to Madrid. On the other hand, if you are not into partying, rest assured that Puerta del Sol has got you covered. Get to enjoy a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere provided here as you enjoy a bit of late-night tapas and sangria.

2 Ski winter-

Ski The Sierra Nevada Mountains provide skiers with a spectacular skiing experience. The world-famous Sierra Nevada ski resorts are popularly known throughout the world as a place where one gets to ski and once done, head down to the beach to enjoy a bit of tan. The ski resort is without a doubt one of the top Spain attractions that play host to thousands of tourists.

1 Gaudi’s architecture Gaudi’s architecture

Best Things to Do in Spain Gaudi’s architecture
Visiting Gaudi’s architecture located in Barcelona certainly ranks amongst the top things to do in Spain. The inspiration behind the architect’s work is what is enticing to many people who visit. It is believed that Gaudi drove the inspiration for this structure from nature. While in Barcelona, you can still head to Casa Batllo. The structure was also designed by Gaudi.


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