What is There to Do in Milwaukee? Find it Out Here

The Best Things To Do in Milwaukee –  What is there to do in Milwaukee? This question may have come to your mind. There are many sightseeing places and things to explore in the city. This is by far the largest city in the state of Wisconsin. It is primarily known as a commercial center. That is why visitors can easily see high-rises constructed from steel and glass around. They are concentrated in the downtown area. Broadly speaking, the area is well taken care of. It looks clean, well-maintained, and pleasant for those who visit.

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Geographically, the city is situated in the northern Midwest. It is not too far away from Chicago. It takes longer to reach this place from Minneapolis. The popularity of Milwaukee rose following the popularity of “Laverne and Shirley”. This was the sitcom that introduced Milwaukee to the public.

For some reason, it has become a favorite backdrop for a lot of movies. You may have been familiar with the city view because it has been shot many times by many movies. There is a little inconsistency when it comes to weather patterns in this area, but summer is still the best time to visit. While the summer is fun and exciting, the winter lasts longer than you may have thought. What is there to do in Milwaukee? Here are some of them:

Milwaukee’s Lovely Lakefront

Milwaukee’s Lovely Lakefront

The Best Things To Do in Milwaukee  – Don’t worry, there are many points of interest here, including Milwaukee’s Lovely Lakefront. It is crowned as one of, if not the most beautiful downtown area. It is like a one-stop shopping center because numerous boutiques and stores spread across the area. Here is a perfect stopping point for exploring the parks, trails, and other great attractions. It also houses some worth-seeing landmarks. There is a recently-built museum that houses a collection of art pieces they have brought from Europe and America.

The Milwaukee Art Museum

The Milwaukee Art Museum 

The Best Things To Do in Milwaukee  – Do you like going to museums? You can take anyone here. The Milwaukee Art Museum is interesting as it can teach you about the past by looking at the things displayed here. Museums like this can teach us a lot about the cultural state of society. This old building was built in 1888. It is home to over 20,000 pieces of art. They symbolize the bygone and present days. Even the building looks like a piece of art with its aircraft-ship hybrid appearance.

There are many different kinds of art and they are from various continents, like America and Europe. There are also modern and contemporary pieces if you will. The photographs, drawings, are all exciting to look at and you will be pampered by the opulent interior and its vintage details.

Pabst Theater and Pabst Mansion

Pabst Theater and Pabst Mansion

The Best Things To Do in Milwaukee  – What is there to do in Milwaukee? What is about visiting Pabst Theater and Pabst Mansion? Those who are really into architectural designs will find themselves fulfilled after a visit to this place. Simply put, this is one of those architectural gems in the city. This does not look like a modern building, which is exactly the best part. This will remind you of opera houses found in Europe. If you have been to one of those opera houses, you will instantly feel familiar with the Baroque interior. There is a meticulously designed chandelier in the building.

The Greek Orthodox Church

The Greek Orthodox Church

The Best Things To Do in Milwaukee  – What has brought this church to fame? There are so many reasons for that. First, it is known as The Greek Orthodox Church. He was the creator of this brilliant design. Why is it brilliant? It looks sort of like an alien. It can also look like a spaceship depending on which angle it is viewed from.


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