Things To Do in Delaware Besides Soaking in the Sun

Best Things to Do in Delaware – You should know that there are a lot of things to do in Delaware.  This is a family-friendly place filled with beaches and coastal towns. While you may have collected information about this place before, we believe you will still see some that you have never expected. There are galleries, boutiques, and other interesting establishments.

You can also start your culinary adventure because the local dishes are so good. Invite anyone that you love to spend time in this wonderful place. A quiet walk along the surf sounds like so much fun especially when the weather is fine. There are also lush gardens to which you go for shaking the stress away. It is also easy to spot different paths in various places. It won’t be enough to explore this place in a single week, let alone a day.


You need to make proper planning before coming here. Though the major draw is the outdoor adventures, there are a lot of things to do in Delaware. You can read a map to truly understand the common routes and stuff. It is important to know the landscape so that you know where to go. When it comes to outdoor fun, nothing beats Delaware.

There is something for everyone to do. Whether you like trekking, biking, or hiking, just make sure you do not miss any of these opportunities. You can do all of these outdoor activities. It easily attracts nature lovers with its wonderful landscape.

Brandywine River

Delaware river

The Brandywine River stretches from Pennsylvania to Delaware. It is surrounded by rolling hills and valleys. Sure, there are a lot of things to do in Delaware. When it comes to famous places, this is easily one of the best. What is the history behind its unique name? To this day, it remains unclear how the river got its name, but it does not diminish its beauty. However, there is a story that the name came from the wreck of a ship that carried a Dutch spirit called Brandywine.

Nemours Mansion and Gardens


Magnificent mansions are built everywhere. If you are going to visit Delaware, we want to tell you that there is a spectacular building here. It is called Nemours, a 300-acre country estate. The architectural design is truly one of a kind. It is really a great piece of architectural art. It has a reflecting pool, a large one.

There are garden walks snaking inside the area. It is easy to tell that it is not a modern building from first sight. It was actually built in the 18th century inspired by the French Style. It looks like a private mansion, but it is open to the public, anyway. You can explore the building, but make sure you get the admission first.

Hagley Museum

Nemours Mansion and Gardens 

Here are more things to do in Delaware. This is another historic site to be found here. It is situated over an area of ​​235 acres. This building is a prime example of American Industry back in the day. If you want to know more about the restored mills, the ancestral home, and other things that have to do with the early American Industry, there is a lot to learn in this place. It also hosts regular exhibits for those who are interested.

Cape Henlopen State Park

Needless to say, Cape Henlopen State Park is also one of the best local places. Sure, there are a lot of things to do in Delaware. This is meant for people who are addicted to outdoor attractions. Here you can soak in the sun and swim. Do not worry if you want to take your family with you. There are lifeguard patrols here, so you can go to the swimming area safely.

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