Best Things to Do in Da Nang – Da Nang Best Attractions

Best Things to Do in Da Nang  – What are the places of interest in Da Nang? The tourist destination boasts an array of interesting sights. There are pagodas, French colonial buildings, cathedrals, and many other kinds of constructions here. If those are not enough, there are wonderful beaches and other natural offerings as well. You will come across various national parks and mountains especially if you really like nature. The weather is fine and you can soak up the joyous atmosphere while visiting this place.

Best Things to Do in Da Nang

When it comes to popular places of interest in Da Nang, the Da Nang Cathedral is one of them. This religious site has been there for quite a long time. Many people have come to see it in person. Now it is your chance of viewing it up close. There are also limestone caves around. The geological formations are everywhere. Da Nang is also a house to a number of museums with their unique collections of objects. If you want to see the unique displays, then do not forget those museums. Also, we suggest you get in touch with the locals. The people are so welcoming to visitors. They would love to provide you with information about the local attractions.

  Marble Mountain Vietnam

Marble Mountain Vietnam

Best Things to Do in Da Nang  – This is one of the places of interest in Da Nang. People like it for a number of reasons. It has always been a favorite place to which the pilgrims usually go. There are caves and tunnels inside the region. There are also temples for the pilgrims to pray to. If you want to discover this gorgeous mountain, please search for more information in advance, so that you become well-prepared.

It got its name from the different elements represented by the mountain, among others, the earth, fire, metal, water, and wood. The caves are natural, but there are many secrets that they keep. They were once used by the troops to hide and spy on their enemies. There are a lot of different things to explore. Temples are dotted around the mountain.

 Museum of Cham Sculpture


Best Things to Do in Da Nang  – The people’s roots date back to 192 AD. You can see that through the Museum of Cham Sculpture. This is one of the most favorite places of interest in Da Nang. It is well-known by the locals and foreigners. You will be fascinated with the sculpture. In fact, it houses this kind of creation on a large scale. It is even considered the biggest in the world. The displays are diverse and distinctive. They are made of terracotta. Just come and see the displays.

They look very artistic and be made by the best craftsmen, we think. Those exhibits are widely praised not only because of their uniqueness but also because of their authenticity. They are great masterpieces that only great craftsmen can create. Inside the building, there are 10 dedicated areas with each one displaying unique exhibits. It represents Cham architecture at its finest. You can see that by the simple flowing lines. Who’s the person behind that? There are two that collaborated, actually. They were Delaval and Auclair.

Best Things to Do in Da Nang  Mỹ Sơn Sanctuary

Mỹ Sơn Sanctuary

Best Things to Do in Da Nang  – There are many places of interest in Da Nang. You should not miss this, obviously. This abandoned site has a unique architecture. The area is made up of a number of ruined Hindu temples. They were built between the 4th and the 14th century AD. Why do they exist? Well, we know that temples are usually built for praying. This cluster of temples is no different. They were built to worship the God Shiva. He is one of the most famous gods in the teachings of Hindu.

Best Things to Do in Da Nang  Imperial City, Huế

Da Nang  Imperial City, Huế

Best Things to Do in Da Nang  – This area is famous for its complex arrangement. It houses numerous temples and palaces. You need to see this area yourself. After the bombing that happened during the wars between the French and America, the complex was badly destroyed. Some of the buildings still survived, though. They are what makes this place now.


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