The 10 Best  Berlin Shopping Malls for 2021

Best Shopping Malls in Berlin Germany -Besides the many attractions in the city of Berlin, it has also established itself as a shopping center with amazing shopping spots for everyone. Therefore if you are still wondering about what to do in berlin, you can always go out shopping if you have the time and resources to do so. This article will cover 10 of the best shopping spots that are available in Berlin.

10 Kiez shopping & Kiez shopping

Any resident of Berlin can attest to the fact that the location of this shopping center is in a very important area of Berlin. The center has a number of shopping spots out of the direct center. Some of the most popular shopping places here include; Schlossaatrabe, Wilmersdorfer, and Spandau.

9 Nikolaiviertel is Best Shopping Malls in Berlin Germany

berlin-shoping malls

Going to shop at the Nikolaiviertel shopping center falls among the many things to do in berlin. As a middle-aged reconstructed district, Nikolaiviertel forms part of Berlin’s shopping spots. Besides just marketing, you can also get to see many museums and antiques.

8 Alexanderplatz is the Best Shopping Malls in Berlin Germany

The recently famous shopping mile forms part of berlin attractions that has captivated both the locals and the international travelers. The shopping mall ALEXA is most attractive offering shoppers a mixture of both shopping and entertainment.

7 Hackeshche Hofe is Best Shopping Malls in Berlin Germany


Hackeshche Hofe
So far the market has advanced to extensive levels and turned out to be a must-see tourist destination. The shopping center has a range of diverse stores and boutiques all of which offer high standards of products.

6 Potsdamer Platz is Best Shopping Malls in Berlin Germany


Potsdamer Platz
Located in the town of silhouette, the Potsdamer Platz Arcades are popularly known for their architectural design. The shopping place offers a range of products including; textiles, shoes and even design objects.

5 Flea and Antik Markets Best Shopping Malls in Berlin Germany


Flea and Antik Markets
Do not miss visiting this location if you are looking for amazing things to do in berlin. Some of the top attractions here include; Kunstmarkt and Juni. The market offers a selection of antiquities together with some modern handcrafts.

4 Boutiques and streets nearby Boutiques-und

Boutiques and streets nearby
Kantstrabe and Fasanenplats are two of the most charming streets in Berlin. Pedestrians using the streets can enjoy a taste of classy cafes, boutiques, and restaurants. The Stilwerk shops which are found at Kantstrasse offer shoppers a stylish architectural surrounding.

3 Kurfurstendamm is Best Shopping Malls in Berlin Germany


The Kurfurstendamm is one of the top berlin attractions that is a paradise to shop in. The market is especially good for young people as it is stocked with some of the top international labels such as H&M, Zara, and Benetton.

2 KaDeWe und Europacenteris  Best Shopping Malls in Berlin Germany

KaDeWe und Europacenter berlin shoping malls
For an exclusive shopper, KaDeWe is the best place for you to be. With an area of about 60,000 sq. meters, the shopping place is most ideal for shopping. You can get cosmetics, jewelry together with both men’s and women’s fashion.

1 Friedrichstrabe germany

The shopping spot has so far managed to spread a great spirit of cosmopolitan flair. Friedrichstrasse provides shoppers with first-class shopping facilities that will most definitely ensure you enjoy your shopping experience. Other beautiful spots here include; la Galerie Lafayette and Quartier 206.

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