5  Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Spain

Best Places To Visit In Spain –  Spain is the land where Hercules’s golden apples used to grow, the place where Heaven and Earth touched, according to the Arabian culture, and the place where toreadors would cheat death. Spain, so often conquered, but at the end victorious, managed to protect its relics, in what is now a modern country, which belongs to hot-blooded and extremely proud Catalans. Its unique beauty and favorable position on Europe’s map have made this country a meeting place between the East and the West. Here are some of the most interesting things to see in Spain.

5: Architecture in Spain spain best places

Best Places To Visit In Spain – Architecture in Spain There are all kinds of architectural curiosities in Spain, many of which were signed by Frank Gehry or Antonio Gaudi. Frank Gehry is the author of the Guggenheim, the fascinating curvaceous copper structure. In this salad bowl of cultures and traditions, beauty is obtained through the many contrasts. From daring futuristic structures to conservative, sumptuous facades, the cityscape of Spain has developed gradually.

4:La Concha beach

LA CONCHA Spain La Concha is a beautiful beach situated in San Sebastian. According to the reviews sent by travelers, it is considered one of the best attractions in Spain and also one of the most desired beaches in Europe. The most beautiful thing about this beach is that it is surrounded by steep cliffs filled with lush forests and neighboring islands. There are many things you can do here, from water sports to promenading and searching for a good restaurant. Even if you decide to go there during peak season, you have high chances of landing a good spot, because the location is big enough to house many travelers at once.

3: Aqueduct of Segovia spain

In ancient times, aqueducts were used to carry water from one place to another. The Aqueduct of Segovia was built with that exact same purpose in mind. It consists of 24.000 granite blocks that were not assembled with any plaster. It was built in approximately 50 AD and it is still capable of providing water in the 20th century, talk about roman technology. The aqueduct can be found on the Iberian Peninsula, and like most historical buildings, it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage program.

2: REAL PALACIO Best Places To Visit In Spain


Palacio Real In the past it was the royal residence, today it is only used for ceremonies, either way, the Royal Palace is a beautiful place and it is worth every penny. In terms of square footage, it is the largest palace in Europe. Many artists were hired to work on this project and the results can be seen. In a short time, the Real Palacio became one of the well-known tourist attractions in Spain.

1:Barcelona Best Places To Visit In Spain duisburg-)

Best Places To Visit In Spain – Barcelona Barcelona is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting cities and at the same time one of the most popular attractions in Spain. There is something for everyone, everywhere, and this city will never cease to amaze. From breathtaking architecture created by none other than Antonio Gaudi, and beautiful museums to pulsating nightlife and music festivals, Barcelona has it all! One of the most famous buildings in Barcelona is the Sagrada Familia. Although it is considered by some extremely ugly, this remarkable church is well worth a visit. The interior is absolutely breathtaking, the details put into the arches and windows are splendid. A true work of genius.

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