5 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Germany

5 Best Places to Visit in Germany This Summer – Are you planning to go on a summer trip and looking for a perfect holiday destination for you and your family? Perhaps you should consider heading to Germany! There are loads of sites to see and amazing things to do in Germany. Starting with Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany has almost something for everybody. We have compiled a list of the top attractions in Germany that should never be missed while planning for a trip to Germany.

1 The Brandenburg Gate Brandenburg Gate in jemany

The Brandenburg Gat Best Places to Visit in Germany

The first thing that comes to our mind with the mention of the city of Berlin is the Brandenburg Gate. This together with a bunch of other things to do in Berlin is what puts Germany on the radar. The Brandenburg Gate remains amongst the first landmarks of the country and it has played different roles throughout history. Because of this, the gates are usually used as a reflection of both the country’s turbulent past and peaceful achievements. The Brandenburg Gate separated West Berlin from East Berlin during the Cold War to symbolize the division of the city. Immediately after the walls were destroyed in 1989, the gate acted as a symbol of the new Germany.

2 Nueschwanstein Castle Nueschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle Best Places to Visit in Germany

The Neuschwanstein Castle is without a doubt one of the most famous castles in the world. Its architecture and the tragic story behind its owner are what make this particular site a perfect holiday touring spot. Throughout Germany, the building remains as one of the most photographed buildings and has inspired many including Walt Disney’s classic ‘Sleeping Beauty. King Ludwig II was the one responsible for designing the castle way back in 1869.

3 The city of Weimar The city of Weimar in germany

The city of Weimar Best Places to Visit in Germany

Weimer city is found in Thuringia, East Germany, and the home of German culture. The city has remained as a site of German intelligentsia pilgrimage ever since the 18th century when Goethe moved to the city. Most of the people who followed Goethe were all masters of their crafts in music, art, philosophy, and literature. Some of the city residents include; Friedrich Nietzsche, Wassily Kandinsky, Johann Sebastian Bac among others. The Bauhaus movement is also credited to have been born here in the city of Weimar.

4 The Romantic road


The Romantic road best Places to Visit in Germany

Fancy a hand-on-hand walk on one of the most romantic routes in Germany? The Romantic Road has got you covered. If you had planned for a honeymoon vacation in Germany, make sure that you make a stop here for the best scenic view that Germany has to offer. The road navigates through some of the most amazing sceneries including charming medieval towns, half-timbered houses, castles, and some of the best restaurants.

5 Hofbrauhaus and Oktoberfest hofbrauhaus-

Hofbrauhaus and Oktoberfest Best Places to Visit in Germany

Visitors can pick from a great array of things to do in Munich and have a blast while at it. Make a stop at the world’s most famous beer hall the Hofbrauhaus and get to be served in one-liter glasses. You can still make arrangements to attend the Oktoberfest one of the largest world fairs which play host to over 6 million party-rockers.

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