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Best Places to Visit In Egypt

Top 5 Egypt Cheap Holidays Place In 2022

Top 5 Best Places to Visit In Egypt – Egypt is one of the world’s premier holiday locations as it caters to all different manner of holidays. Whether you want to lie in the sun or get out and about, anything is possible on Egypt holidays. For a family holiday, Egypt has many fantastic options for excursions to keep all of you entertained. Here are five of our favorites:

Camel Trekking Best Places to Visit In Egypt

camel desert

Best Places to Visit In Egypt – Climb on the back of one in couples or jump on separately and see who masters the control of the camel first. A great way to get out and see the desert, camel trekking will often be combined with a trip to a Bedouin camp for a uniquely Egyptian experience.

Pyramids at Giza

sphinx-g6e86770f2_1280 (1)

No Egyptian holiday would be complete without a trip to see the most famous of ancient landmarks, the Pyramids. A trip to the Giza Plateau will enable you to marvel at the stunning pyramids and the Great Sphinx. A humbling experience to see in person the master architectural craftsmanship you’ll all leave this place marveling at what these ancient people were capable of.

1001 Night Show Night show

A family holiday wouldn’t be complete without some nighttime entertainment and what better way to get this in a traditional manner than a trip to the 1001 Night show. Here you’ll witness a sound and light show about Egyptian civilization and then the atmosphere will get a bit livelier with a belly dance show, a Tannoura show, and a folkloric dance show. A great night out; just make sure that you all get up and join in!

Sea Trip

Traditional Egyptian bazaar

Best Places to Visit In Egypt – Relaxation is sure to be at the top of the list of priorities for any holiday, so why not combine this with a great trip out? Boat trips are available from many of the resorts to places such as the Ras Mohammed National Park or Tiran Island. You can soak up the rays on deck as you’re taken to some of the best spots in the area for swimming and snorkeling before reaching the main location. With a delicious lunch also provided on the boat it’s truly one of the best ways to enjoy the sumptuous Egyptian weather and stunning natural beauty.

Traditional Egyptian bazaar Best Places to Visit In Egypt

Traditional Egyptian bazaar

What better way to enjoy your time together than a trip to a traditional Egyptian bazaar? Entrance yourself with handmade Egyptian jewelry and traditional arts and crafts as the smell of the many spices carry you further into the trove of wonders. One of the best ways to finish off your Egyptian holiday.

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