Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Australia

The Best Places to Visit in Australia 2021

Australia.sightseeing-daytoursMelbourne is the second-largest city in Australia after Sydney. This city is a popular stop for visitors experiencing different attractions in Australia. Located on the Yarra River, this sophisticated city draws many features including shops, restaurants, galleries, theaters, and a conspicuously European feel. There are botanical gardens, which offer many species of plants. The Melbourne cricket ground is a major sports feature where fans watch cricket in times of summer and the Australian Rules football during the winter season.

On Bourke Street, there is the elegant Royal Arcade, which is flocked by many visitors. During their visit to Melbourne, visitors can explore many attractions through organized Australia day tours. Below are some of the attractions to visit.

The Best Places to Visit in Australia


Royal Botanic Gardens

The Best Places to Visit in Australia – In the heart of green-looking parkland that extends southwards of the Yarra River is the Royal Botanic Gardens. It is only situated a short distance from the central business district. The gardens were established in 1846 and they are rated as among the finest in the world. These gardens cover an area of about 40 hectares and are believed to have more than 50,000 plants including some rare species.

More than 1.5 people visit these gardens every year. The Aboriginal Heritage Walk is organized to show the rich heritage of the indigenous people of Australia.

Federation Square


Federation Square

The Best Places to Visit in Australia – Opened in 2002, Federation Square was meant to celebrate 100 years of federation. While there were people who loved it, others didn’t like it, but with all that controversy, it has become an important part of the city. It is among the great places that tourists can visit.

With modern open and closed spaces, they bring contrast to the Victorian architectural building. More than 2,000 events are held in this building each year, and tourists can be able to find some entertainment within the intimate indoor venues or the outdoor performances. It is also the place that houses the Ian Potter Gallery, which is dedicated to the art of Australia. This is one attraction you would want to explore during the Australia sightseeing tours.

Melbourne Zoo

The Best Places to Visit in Australia Best places in australia

Melbourne Zoo

The Best Places to Visit in Australia – This zoo rests in an area of 22 hectares and it backs back in 1862. There are 320 species of different animals residing in some of the best enclosures. Just five minutes drive from the city center, this zoo offers you an opportunity to discover many species living in a beautifully landscaped habitat. As you stroll through the African and Asian rainforests, you will see monkeys swinging from the branches, and tigers roaming through the trees.

You can stop to have an eye-to-eye experience with the beautiful orangutans inhabiting elevated areas. The Trail of the Elephants is an award-winning feature that is part of the highlights you expect to encounter here. Visitors can view koalas, kangaroos, platypus, and wombats among other many native wildlife species in this Australian bush environment.

There are many attractions that you can explore when in Melbourne. With Australia day tours, you have the chance to sample out many of these attractions.


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