These Places Are Perfect For Chinese New Year Celebrations

Best Places to Celebrate Chinese New Year – Chinese New Year celebrations always identical with the red color in all corners of the city, and fireworks lit everywhere. Do you already plan a place to celebrate Chinese New Year this year? If you want to celebrate it, here are some recommended places that could be the perfect places to celebrate Chinese New Year.

1 . Hong Kong Hong kong

Best Places to Celebrate Chinese New Year -Chinese New Year celebrations in Hong Kong always be held as a special event for 15 days to celebrate, annually. During this time, you can enjoy Chinese culture and a lion dance parade around East Tsim Sha Tsui with glittering fireworks shows in Victoria Harbour. Hongkong residents have traditions to visit their family members wearing new clothes. They also go shopping for fun. For shopping lovers, the annual discount when in Chinese New Year celebrations is so tempting.

2 . London


Best Places to Celebrate Chinese New Year -In London, you can enjoy some festivals that held for Chinese New Year celebrations in the China Town area which always crowded every year. Chinese New Year celebration’s main event in London is located around Leicester Square and Shaftesbury Avenue. With so many local tourists who enthusiastically celebrate Chinese New Year, you will get an unforgettable experience.

3 . Ho Chi Minhstar-light-bridge

Best Places to Celebrate Chinese New Year – In Vietnam, the Chinese New Year celebration named Tet. The big party is usually held for 3-5 days, but the colorful decoration that filled the city could be fun to see. You can also find The Lion Dance in almost every Chinese temple there.

4 . San Francisco Best Place to Celebrate Chinese New Year golden-gate-

Chinese New Year celebrations in the United States also can be exciting. In San Francisco, Chinese New Year is celebrated for 2 weeks and filled with a lot of various events such as Miss Chinatown, red parade, and lion dance carnival. The ‘Gold Rush‘ long time ago, managed to bring many Chinese people to San Francisco and make this celebration a permanent event in San Francisco for more than 150 years.

5 . Singapore gardens-

Best Places to Celebrate Chinese New Year – Singapore is one of many countries in the world that has a lot of Chinese residents. Therefore, the Chinese New Year celebrations in this country become so festive and crowded with foreign tourists. As always, you can enjoy the parade, lion dance carnival and fireworks shows at night. Because of so specials, the government makes Chinese New Year celebrations a national holiday.

6 . Helsinki image

Certainly, Finland just starting the tradition of Chinese New Year celebrations in 2008. However, it does not make the Chinese New Year celebrations in Helsinki indifferent. The celebration usually starts on January 30 and centered on Lasipalatsi Square. Lion dance parade and other folk dance can be found in the Three Smiths Statue area. There is also a Chinese cultural exhibition that so attractive. The main event, fireworks shows, celebrated in Toolonlahti Bay, with a large screen that displaying Chinese New Year celebrations in Beijing.

7 . Sydneysydney-

Almost the same as San Francisco, many Chinese people came to Australia during the ‘Gold Rush’. The descendants of these immigrants then embed their ancestors’ culture into the Australian civilization. As evidence, Sydney has a truly magnificent Chinese New Year celebration. Its China Town is so great and always brings a dazzling lion dance parade, and amazing fireworks shows.

8 . Paris Paris

Paris became the most enthusiastic region when welcoming the Chinese New Year across France. Chinese New Year celebrations in Paris officially begin on February 8 and featured a lion dance parade all over the Marais district, Belleville, and the 13th Arrondissement. The yellow and red color will dominate every corner of the town and promises a unique experience of Chinese New Year celebrations for you.

9 . Beijing baljim

Best Places to Celebrate Chinese New Year -Talking about the celebration of Chinese New Year, of course, you should not miss the center of Chinese culture, Beijing. A variety of interesting performances presented to the public already prepared when the New Year arrived. From acrobats, lion dance, to typical Chinese music shows. The atmosphere of Chinese New Year celebrations in Beijing certainly more crowded, more lively, and more magnificent than any place in the world. Including shopping tour which always can drain the pockets of the tourists.

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