5 Best Places in Arashiyama, Especially in Spring

Best Places in Arashiyama Brighten Up Your Holiday – When it comes to Arashiyama, you will be pampered by a variety of interesting sights in the second-most important Kyoto District. You can see a huge influence of the Japanese Culture in this place. The atmosphere is typical in Japan, with plenty of shrines and temples. However, they are not the only type of attractions you would come across here. There are many other local attractions in Arashiyama. The bamboo forest is placed at the foot of Mount Arashiyama. It is not that far away from Kyoto. If you want to get there fast, take a train. It is one of the most popular and fastest modes of transport in Japan.

Best Places in Arashiyama, Especially in Spring

Or, you may want to enjoy the fresh air that fills the district. You can get there by riding a bicycle, instead. Just do anything that makes you happy. There are some popular streets, but you will get to know the main street first. There is the Togetsukyo Bridge around here. There are many choices to reach Arashiyama. The JR train can take you there very quickly. This is an alternative if you come from the Kyoto Station. From the same point, you can also take a bus. It is a little slower, but you can familiarize yourself with the surroundings as the trip becomes more enjoyable this way. Here are some local attractions in Arashiyama:

Tenryu-Ji Temple Best Places in Arashiyama

Tenryu-Ji Temple

Best Places in  Arashiyama – As said before, temples and shrines are the most common type of local attractions in Arashiyama. If you can spiritually connect with this kind of buildings, you must come to this district because there are plenty of temples everywhere. One of the most popular by the locals is Tenryu-Ji. Just a brief reminder, this is actually considered a world heritage site by UNESCO.

That is not only the part that makes it seem great, but it belongs to Kyoto’s Five Great Zen Temples. It is an old temple, built-in 1334. When it comes to the architecture, this may not feel anything special compared to other temples. But at least there is a lovely pond and garden tucked inside the area.

Iwatayama Monkey Park Best Places in Arashiyama

Iwatayama Monkey Park

This is also one of the most popular local attractions in Arashiyama. When you no longer want to explore the temples, this can be an alternative for your vacation here. The park is home to a troop of macaque monkeys that you can feed on, but monkeys can be aggressive, too. Hence, you still need to be careful and aware of the surroundings. You have to pay the entrance fee and pick up some nuts from the sellers. It is suggested that you do not bring food inside the area or they can steal it.

The Bamboo Forest Best Places to Visit in Arashiyama

The Bamboo Forest

Best Places to Visit in Arashiyama – A part of Arashiyama is still green. You need to get into the bamboo forest to feel this atmosphere. The Sagano Bamboo Forest is all we’re talking about right now. We do not tell you this because it is popular, but it is really worth a visit.

The forest feels so fresh filled with small windy paths and bamboo. Nothing comes close to the serenity of a natural setting like this one. It does not matter how stressful you are, this place will take the burden off your shoulders. What is the best time to visit? Every day is a great day, but if you want to avoid a drought of visitors, come here in the morning. Everyone is busy at this time, right?

Arashiyama Station

japan- Station

Best Places to Visit in Arashiyama – The Arashiyama Station is another great stopping point. This is not particularly a tourist attraction, but it is still cool to stroll around and see what this station got for you. The back of the station hides a lot of gems waiting to explore.


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