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Best Place To Visit In ORLANDO


Best Place To Visit In ORLANDO  – I absolutely love traveling. Nothing beats the fun and excitement that visiting a place for the first time brings. I can enjoy the tourist attractions and destinations, all while snapping away photos to my heart’s content—and that’s the best part of traveling for a shutterbug.

It’s a good thing my sister and I booked this trip way ahead of time. We’ve been planning this for quite some time now, and our aunt living in Orlando had been asking us for ages to visit them even once. It’s a good thing we’ve got someone with whom to share expenses. And you can’t have more fun than when traveling in a group.

Best Place To Visit In ORLANDO

Best Place To Visit In ORLANDO

We didn’t know that our aunt’s car was broken, so a supposedly free ride was out of the question. It was only later on when I realized why she asked about the trip schedule—so she could rent a car way before our arrival. Good thing there were cheap car rentals available, and apparently, we still get free transportation courtesy of our kind and loving aunt. Woohoo!

It was our first time in Florida and we didn’t know which area is what, but we wanted to make the most of our trip so we made a list of must-see places. It’s Florida, so the first thing that usually comes to mind is Disney World! It seems as though I’ve made up a mental goal to see all the Disney places in the world (this is probably my third), but every trip is unique and worth it. The one in Orlando is so huge that one day wouldn’t be enough to explore every inch. We were all adventures and snapshots from the classic castles to the animal parks and on to the futuristic parks. We were off to dreamland right away at the end of the day.


Another theme park on our list is Sea World. Good thing we did put on sunblock this time (after all the “but we’re not going to the beach, I find these weird” lines). We arrived early and we got to look at all the cute and interesting marine creatures. Dolphins, killer whales, even penguins—you name it. There were also underwater tunnels where we got to see sharks and other fishes all while we were in a safe, comfy, oxygenated environment. I did say we wanted to make the most of our trip, so even if I was reluctant to go on a roller coaster, I eventually got on the Kraken… and survived! It was such a blast. Like the day in Disney, we were all dead tired afterward.

Best Place To Visit In ORLANDO – People often say that theme parks aren’t all Orlando has to offer. Besides, it’s not all glitz and glamour that make up any destination. But then our list was pretty much just… theme parks. So we left all other itineraries to our aunt, who suggested that we go to parks and downtown areas for shopping. There seem to be a lot of parks in Orlando. We enjoyed Winter Park not only for nature and the scrumptious food but also for the nearby art museum. Another great park is the Harry P. Leu Gardens. Cool shady trees make for relaxing walks. I love taking photos of colorful flowers, so it was heaven for me. The malls were your usual shopping experience, and it was our last stop to buy souvenirs.

Best Place To Visit In ORLANDO -We wished all the excitement and interesting stuff would never end, but the trip is over sooner than we thought. After dropping off the rented vehicle by the cheap rental cars area, our relatives bid us goodbye at the airport. A trip to Orlando has led me to conclude that this is a must-see destination for any traveler, kind of like part of a bucket list if you will. If I had another opportunity to come back, I’d love to go to warm springs and other places we never had the time to go see.

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