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Best Namibia Safari

Best Namibia Tours & Holidays 2022

Best Namibia Safari  – Zambezi River, My family and I were enjoying some peace and quiet whilst taking in the beautiful surroundings. This was quickly disturbed when my little sister screamed at the top of her lungs, ”Something tried to bite me!!” My mum’s quick reply was very appropriate. “Well you shouldn’t stick your feet in a river full of crocodiles and hippos should you?” This was the first of our too-close-for-comfort experiences with the animals in Namibia. Our family of six and good friends of ours made up of a family of four and amongst our clan included all age groups. From the young and too curious kids to the older and more wary supervising adults.

Best Namibia Safari Tour In 2022 elephants-

We had booked onto the Mondjilla Adventures program. This was a safari that provided a guide and the sturdy but not so luxurious 4x4s to travel in. Our journey included the beautiful Skeleton Coast and the Etosha National Park.

Through the Etosha National Park, we were in luck. A group of jeeps went out to find some of the rare animals to spot and it tended to be a matter of luck when you saw them. We considered ourselves the lucky car and the others consistently unlucky. This is probably because as soon as we turned up and spotted an animal they ran for cover. After seeing the umpteenth impala our excitement started to die down.

Best Namibia Safari

At one point we made a pit stop at a giraffe feeding area. The setup was a platform halfway up a tree that would let you feed the giraffes at eye level. Whilst we all tried to feed them without touching the long purple tongs, my dad was holding my little brother. One giraffe decided that my dad wasn’t sharing the food enough and so when dad turned his back, the giraffe attempted to head butt him but got his back instead. Whilst my little brother found this hilarious my dad was a little less impressed.

Back into the truck, we managed to spot some of the lesser-spotted animals such as cheetah and a black rhino. We did have one other close call with the animals though. We saw a group of monkeys scampering towards us but we were not the targets. They were running away from a lioness. All of us stuck our heads out the window trying to either get a good photo or a good view. As the lioness grew closer to the jeep one of the boys fell out of the truck onto the track. His mother shouted, “Get back in the truck, NOW!” I’m not sure who was more afraid, the lion or my friend.

After a long day of safari, we decided to treat ourselves at one of the many wonderful Namibia restaurants that served some wonderful African fusion cuisine that gave us a taste of the local flavor.

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