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The Best Miami Beach Night Tours  –  all of the great things I got up to during the day in Miami, I still had a lot of energy to check out the night scene, since what else would I have been in Miami for if not the beautiful people out at night!

The Best Miami

 Miami Beach Night Twist

One of the longest-standing gay bars in Miami, Twist is always a party. It has everything you could ever want! Two stories of steamy dancing, seven different bars, and drag queens abound. I loved it here. I went a few times while I was in Miami and the vibe was always up. It’s open until 5 AM so you can dance to your heart’s content.

The Best Miami Beach Night Tours In – Score – If you really want to dance all night long, I’d head over to Score. It has huge energy and is always pumping with the best beats. They often have a theme night as well. There are WTF Thursdays and Bigger Saturdays, but my favorite night was Filthy Gorgeous Friday. And oh that it was! This is a very popular spot with visitors and locals, so you’d better be okay with getting up close and personal with your dance partners as it is quite crowded all the time.

The Best Miami Beach Night Tours.

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The Palace Bar and Restaurant – I already mentioned this place when I was talking about daytime activities, as I went to the drag show Sunday Brunch on, obviously, a Sunday. I didn’t happen to make it here in the evening on my trip, but the atmosphere was great and pretty lively, and would definitely make a fun start to your night out.

The food was also superb, and the drinks were always flowing. Just the kind of brunch I was looking for. If I had more time I would have come here for evening entertainment as well.

Azucar – Club Sugar is its other name, and boy does it live up to that. It’s only open 4 days a week, Thursday to Sunday, but if you get the chance on one of those days you should make it over here. Lots of great dancing, including salsa dancing and even cabaret dancing on Sundays. I quite enjoyed the shows put on by the Latin men here, and all the eye candy around.

Best Miami Beach Night  In Floppy Rooster

If you’re looking for a gay strip club, the Floppy Rooster is your answer. It is the only all-nude strip club in Miami, so head on over! Here you are able to get a private room with some of your nearest and dearest, or even a totally private dance if that’s your thing. It’s not really mine, but I certainly enjoyed the view at the club here.

Miami Night

Best Miami Beach Night Club Bailo

This one you might have to go out of your way to get to, but I went for a night and was not disappointed. Lots of Latin men here that will gratefully teach you some of the sexiest Salsa moves. Go on a Saturday night as that is the best time for gay men.

There are of course a bunch of other places that I was not able to make it to, but still heard great things about when I was in Miami Beach. Club Boi was one that I regretfully was not able to make it to, but I’m sure that it is just what I am looking for based on the name alone. Next time, for there, will for sure be the next time.

I also wanted to check out Space Miami, but it wasn’t at the top of my list and so I didn’t make it a priority. I am more than happy with all the places I did get out to though, and I will certainly go back to Miami to experience some of their world-class friendliness and hospitality.

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