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Best Christmas Markets

A Guide To German Christmas Markets

The Best Christmas Markets in Germany 2022

The Best Christmas Markets in Germany – German Christmas Markets are becoming more and more popular each year with Christmas celebrations all over the country bringing people together. With lavish displays of festive foods and traditional German cuisine, there is much to offer the visitor who is looking to sample traditional foods and listen to customary German music.
The markets are romantically draped in twinkling white snowflakes and glistening decorations to give a real essence of Christmas. If you are looking to get away this Christmas and experience something different to the common generic celebrations then Germany is the place for you.

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Best Christmas Markets in Germany – The Berlin Christmas Market is one of the most romantic markets in Germany and is perfect for long weekends away. The Charlottenburg Castle Christmas Market is a beautiful market located in a spectacular area full of mystique.

The market is located on the grounds of the castle that includes vendors from all over Germany and Europe who come to sell their handmade crafts and cuisine. The equally impressive market at the Sony Centre in Potsdamer Platz is also a beautiful location with many gastronomic stalls selling local delicacies, handmade ornaments and beautifully carved decorations.
Berlin’s tourism sector is thriving and there are more than 700 hotels to choose from, boasting over 100,000 rooms to cater to the tastes and budgets of every visitor lucky enough to stay in Berlin. There are many waterways in Berlin that can be traversed by one of the 979 bridges in the city.

Another of the more popular Christmas Markets is the Cologne Christmas Market which attracts millions of visitors each year to experience the largest Christmas tree in the world surrounded by around 140 Christmas stalls that sell a wide range of handicrafts and festive delicacies. The market has a Santa’s Grotto located at the centre of the market in the Old town which is popular with children and young families. Cologne has eight spectacular Christmas Markets to choose from with the largest located beneath the city’s Gothic Cathedral, the Alter Markt, Neumarkt and on the Rudolfplatz, each attracting almost 2 million visitors.

Best Christmas Markets in Germany 2022


The Best Christmas Markets in Germany – One of the most unique cities in the world, ‘the Venice of the North is a glorious city at Christmas time with extravagant decorations and quaint maritime ships docked along the city’s waterways. The largest market is located outside the town hall that is the hub of entertainment for the city. The many stalls are extravagantly decorated with sparkling Christmas lights and decorations with the air filled with sweet fragrances and the sound of merry music. The city’s quaint bridges and architecturally brilliant walkways make getting around the city easy and accessible.

Other locations in places such as Mainz, Nuremberg, Potsdam, Stuttgart and Wiesbaden along with many others are known for their festive celebrations and extravagant decorations which set them apart from other European countries. Christmas in Germany is like no other and is the perfect location for a break for both couples and families alike.

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